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The Dangers of Fully-Body Scanners in Airports

The alleged attempt by a Nigerian man to blow up a US airliner on Christmas Day has prompted some airports around the world to introduce full-body scanners. Experts say such a scanner could have prevented the passenger from smuggling the explosive device onto the plane.The scanner uses radio waves to see through a person's clothing,allowing airport staff to spot any hidden weapons or packages. The German government wants them to be allowed at the country's airports. But the decision is controversial,and has privacy campaigners on the warpath.

Shocking Unemployment Statistics 54% of Under 25 Jobless

This University of Washington Graduate puts it in simple terms " I think that a lot of getting a job these days , sadly is who you know not what you know ..." ...
Official unemployment rates in the United States hover around 10 percent, even though many experts believe the real numbers are much higher. But for young adults in America, the situation is even worse. 54 percent of Americans under the age of 25 are unemployed according to the labor department. It's taking many college graduates over a year to land a steady job, and many are in hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

Jordan CIA Al-Qaeda Hotbed

Mosaic Intelligence Report: January 15, 2010) A bomb explodes near an Israeli diplomatic convoy in Jordan. Al-Qaeda assassinates a Jordanian intelligence officer. Jordanian Islamists are fighting in Afghanistan. Are Jordanian Intelligence Agencies good enough to fight al-Qaeda? And why do Jordanian opposition groups want the government to drop its pro-America stance?

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