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Italy is the biggest PIIG of them all according to Robert Mundel

Italy is Biggest Threat to Euro says Nobel laureate Robert Mundell

Amongst the PIIGS countries , Italy and not Greece represents the biggest threat to the stability of the Euro says Nobel laureate Robert Mundell
Feb. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Nobel laureate Robert Mundell's comments on the euro. Italy is the biggest threat and what to do about Greece.

Chinese city bans spitting ahead of Asian Games

The city of Ghuangzou in southern China will host the Asian Games later this year.

In preparing for the event, the city has been cleaning up and that includes wiping out some habits that might offend international visitors.

From now on, laundry has to be dried inside, not in public, and spitting at public places has been outlawed.

Al Jazeera Rob Mcbride reports.

Feb 20, 2010

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