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Capital Shooting Hoax ~ Non Stop Hoaxes!

Car has NO BULLET HOLES!!! they shot at the car from just a few feet and not one bullet hit the car

I got to mention a detail: the narrator speaks of a sharpshooter and a sniper in relation to two photographs released. It's far, far worse than those.
In a city a properly scoped rifle will save lives by giving the shooter a well-defined sight-picture. These dudes are rocking HOLOGRAPHIC sights (how about some word-magic for you there). The point being holographic sights are meant for warzones and will NOT allow for sharpshooting/sniping. They're meant for full auto bursts. Cops with those? It gets worse though. The cops involved in the initial photographs are those already on scene, those that rock the holographic warguns. Now take a look at the picture 17:21, the dashing cop on the move. NOTE: His AR is properly scoped with an ACOG sight, but also has a FUCKING silencer (suppressor for the fans). Hello! A POLICEMAN with a SILENCED AR. Hello? Anyone.. THAT'S NOT LEGAL and very scary.

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