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REALIST NEWS : JP Morgan buys 6 Million Ounces of SILVER

JP Morgan Loads The Boat With Tons of SLV Silver

SLV is a way for them to obtain physical. Put free cash in, liquidate while taking delivery, which small investors can't.

JP Morgan won I guess in the crash JP Morgan buy silver arena. So they will profit with us. There wasn't enough physical buying to beat JP Morgan.

Crashing JPM was just a secondary goal though, so stackers will win too if the price goes up. The real enemy is the monetary system, and the goal of stacking is to opt out with your savings.

It's possible all the physical buying is what brought this about, or maybe it would be happening anyway.

IRS Targeting Whistleblowers!

Edward Snowden is a Hero in my books , Every American has the right to know what this corrupt government is doing behind our backs and especially with our tax dollars! No Taxation Without Representation. No taxes until the Fed to IRS Ponzi scheme is abolished. There is a big anti IRS protest coming up in the next day or two in Washington DC. I bet the false flag will make it look like these protesters did it. hundreds of billions of hard earned money from tax payers while these dumb asses play anti terror games at the expense of our liberty and freedom.....I say save the money and pay down our national debt.

HORRIFIC New Studies on GMOs, You are eating this stuff!!

 Several New Studies on GMO's shows just how toxic they are, On July 24th, 2013 take a stand against GMO's and upload a video on the internet, thousands of others will be doing the same.
GMO study on pigs
GMO study on Rats
Accidental mix? LIE!! The studies that showed GMO safe were 90 day trials. All, yes all trails longer than 90 days like 6 months or more show its terrible for you. Welcome to hell where we will all be dragging our tumors around. Be happy isn't that what were suppose to be happy. I'm not I'm thinking about my kids and I'm pissed of beyond!!

Judge Napolitano Slams Gen. Alexander Not Answer Question in NSA Hearing: TRUST US?

The Same Administration Says TRUST US in Benghazi

Judge Andrew Napolitano called the situation "a fishing expedition on the grandest scale we've ever seen in American history." The government is looking for a select group of people, and instead of obeying the Constitution and simply getting a search warrant for their phones, the judge says, "They got a search warrant for a 113 million phones!" "Who would trust them after this? The Constitution doesn't trust them!" Napolitano told Shepard Smith. The clearly impassioned judge shouted, "This is just a shortcut to make it easier for America's spies to spy on Americans. Shep, they spied on the West Wing, they spied on the Pentagon, they spied on the Supreme Court, they spied on the CIA! This is spies spying on spies. This is the most extraordinarily broad search warrant ever issued in the history of the federal courts of the United States!" The two discussed the widespread implications to privacy in America, with Shep concluding the segment by saying, "The slippery slope is covered in grease."

Gold and Silver the Pure Precious Insanity – By Jason Liosatos

Someone, somewhere once, thousands of years ago, decided a yellow metal was precious, and we still believe them.

Gold is as absurd as paper money. Who decided gold was a precious metal? Was it the Egyptians that decided, or some guy drunk at a bar thinking it was a good idea many thousands of years ago? What is gold? It’s a word made up from g, o, l, and d. Imagine trying to impress someone in a village in the deepest amazon with a lump of gold who had never seen it before, or knew what it was supposed to be. You would have a hard time trying to convince them it was precious, and imagine how silly you would feel as all the villagers roared with laughter as you tried to swop your lump of gold worth a million dollars for a canoe, or even a canoe ride to the next village, or even a bowl of food. At best you might convince them it would make a good door stop for them.

It’s a heavy metal with a yellow color, a shiny, pretty color, but so what. How about silver? Again a word made of letters, less precious than gold, looks nice, it’s a metal, its grey, and I am sorry to burst the bubble but what is the difference between gold and lead, pebbles and rocks, metal and steel? The answer is that the only difference is the human insanity that is perceiving it to be valuable.

If the Egyptians or Greeks or the guy in the bar had said lead, or tigers claws, elephants tusks or dogs dung, would we still believe them. It’s tragicomic. We are so gullible and conditioned by these things, let us at least admit it’s insanity, that is what this is, pure delusional insanity.

But before someone says it, of course in our current financial meltdown I wouldn’t say no to a few bars of it myself, I’m sure you could cut it into little pieces and do some deals with it for food, and water hopefully before someone killed you for it so they could do the same thing.

But in the clear light of day when the systems gone bust what would someone do with ten bars of precious gold? You can’t eat it, or even carry it it’s so heavy. And someone would soon blow your brains out to take it from you. You would have to hide it, but if you told, or showed someone, they may cut your throat for it. Its crazy madness this system. Madness is like wine it gets better with age, and this system of madness and money is as rotten through as the fruit we make our expensive wine from.

If our current emergency does do its job of forcing us to transform into sane, rational beings, then one day – if we survive – humanity will look back in disbelief that we believed, and bought into such a delusional financial system of paper and metal which is currently spearheading our trajectory into destruction and disaster. A new system is way overdue, one of balance, symbiosis and sanity, and we must move away from our current system of short term greed, debt and slavery, based on fear, fear which is endemic for both the winners and the losers. – Jason Liosatos

How to spot a limited hangout operation - Webster Tarpley June 18 2013

Ellsberg, Assange, Snowden; How to spot a limited hangout operation. Webster Tarpley Program June 18 2013, Unbound radio
PressTV Article: 

The operations of secret intelligence agencies aiming at the manipulation of public opinion generally involve a combination of cynical deception with the pathetic gullibility of the targeted populations.

There is ample reason to believe that the case of Edward Joseph Snowden fits into this pattern. We are likely dealing here with a limited hangout operation, in which carefully selected and falsified documents and other materials are deliberately revealed by an insider who pretends to be a fugitive rebelling against the excesses of some oppressive or dangerous government agency.

But the revelations turn out to have been prepared with a view to shaping the public consciousness in a way which is advantageous to the intelligence agency involved. At the same time, gullible young people can be duped into supporting a personality cult of the leaker, more commonly referred to as a “whistleblower.” A further variation on the theme can be the attempt of the sponsoring intelligence agency to introduce their chosen conduit, now posing as a defector, into the intelligence apparatus of a targeted foreign government. In this case, the leaker or whistleblower attains the status of a triple agent.

Rand Paul Blasts Dick Cheney: 'Someone Should Have Been Removed From Office' For Pre-9/11 Failures

6/18/13 - Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on CNN's The Situation Room on Tuesday evening where he was asked to respond to former Vice President Dick Cheney who told Fox News Channel's Chris Wallace that the junior Kentucky senator was wrong when he criticized the NSA's surveillance programs. Paul tore into the Bush administration's role in the establishment of the post-9/11 security regime, noting that he thinks it is possible to catch terrorists using methods consistent with the Constitution.

Cheney told the Fox News Sunday host that Paul was incorrect in his criticisms of the NSA's communications monitoring programs. The former vice president said that Congress authorized the post-9/11 counterterror programs and there is nothing illegal about them.

RELATED: Rand Paul Slams Obama On NSA Surveillance: 'Utter Rank Hypocrisy' Is Why People Hate Gov't

"What I would ask is who did they fire after 9/11?" Paul asked. "Not one person was fired."

"Do you remember the '20th hijacker'?" he continued. "[Zacarias] Moussaoui, captured a month in advance? The FBI agent wrote 70 letters asking, 'let's look at this guy's computer.' In the FBI, they turned him down."

"It wasn't that they couldn't get a warrant, nobody asked for a warrant," Paul added. "To me, that was really, really bad intelligence -- really bad police work -- and, really, someone should have been removed from office for that."

"Instead they said, 'Oh, we need to look at the records of all the innocent Americans' phone calls," he observed. "I think you can catch terrorists and have protections of our freedoms at the same time."

Alex Jones Show: Tuesday (6-18-13) Piers Corbyn

On the Tuesday, June 18 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers Obama's multiple scandals as the all-time low approval POTUS arrogantly defends the NSA's unconstitutional and massively unprecedented high-tech surveillance program aimed at the American people and the government's political opposition. A recent poll indicates nearly half of the American people believe the IRS targeting of opposition political groups originated in the Obama White House. On today's worldwide transmission, Alex welcomes back to the show the Managing Director and founder of WeatherAction, Piers Corbyn. Corbyn talks with Alex about the warmist scam held in Exeter, Britain, a propaganda event coinciding with the G8 bankster elite summit. Alex also covers the latest breaking news and takes your calls on today's broadcast.

Elizabeth Warren on Corporate Capture of the Federal Courts

From Senator Elizabeth Warren's remarks at the 2013 American Constitution Society for Law and Policy National Convention on the Corporate Capture of the Federal Courts. Speech delivered on June 13, 2013.

BREAKING NEWS - Explosion At Russian Weapons Depot As Putin Claims G8 Split On Syria

Russia blast: Huge explosions rock arsenal storing 13mln shells

Putin: Didn't feel isolated, not all G8 leaders agree Assad used chemical weapons

Large explosions rock an ammunition depot in Russia’s Samara Region, where over 13 million shells are stored. Over 500 firefighters are combatting the blaze triggered by blasts, while dozens of residents in nearby communities have sought medical help.

Multiple artillery shells keep exploding at an ammunition depot near the city of Chapaevsk, a local police spokesman told RIA.

“It is still not possible to halt the self-destruction, or to enter the firing grounds,” he added, saying that the shell shards are scattering in such a large area that there is no way the fire brigade could reach and extinguish the fire.

According to the Chief Directorate of the Interior Ministry for Samara Region spokesman Sergey Goldstein, there are “13 million shell units” at the ammunition depot, Interfax reports.

100 Trillion Global Tax Coming ~ Max Keiser on The Alex Jones

We're in a post-capitalist, post-socialism world. I have just come back from the G8 protests in Belfast and it occurred to me -- at this point; we're post both capitalism and socialism -- and this point needs to be made clear, but we also see some vestiges of both systems in a new, emerging economy that has yet to be named.

I agree with the G8 protesters in Belfast that capitalism -- as it's been iterated in the West in the post WWII era has run its course. The main cause for its demise, as I see it, is that during the 1980's; thanks to deregulation, futures and options speculation and leverage migrated over to the burgeoning field of 'financial futures' and the price discovery mechanism associated with supply and demand and the 'invisible hand' -- over the ensuing few decades -- completely broke down. Money itself lost any anchor to value as futures traders speculated with virtually no risk on contracts worth many billions that had been willed into existence by financial engineers not by dint of any underlying economic activity

Our Casino System is Sick Financial Terrorism – By Jason Liosatos

The difficulty is not in thinking of new ideas but escaping the old ones that are killing us.

Our system is like a big casino. The stock market is a big gambling center based on fear, where bets are placed on things going up and down, derivatives, futures, credit default swops, hedge bets, and speculators and on ad nausea. Bets are being made right now on the outcome of wars and conflict in the Middle East and elsewhere, and as people are bombed and killed, and watch their children die, there are people betting on the outcomes for huge profits.

I will say it again because it’s a shocking truth to grasp. Investment strategists are making bets on outcomes as people are getting slaughtered. Even sicker than that, is that the very people in government who are designing those conflicts, place their own bets on the outcomes which they already know before they begin, thus securing themselves huge profits at the expense of sometimes millions of lives, as in the Iraq slaughter. So really in these cases it’s not a bet, it’s a dead certainty, carefully calculated to create planned outcomes, be it the grabbing of the oil, land, underground minerals, poppy fields and on and on.

I don’t call them wars because in my mind a war is two parties competing for something, whereas the Iraq slaughter, and the current on-going rapacious take overs are just one sided, bloody massacres, like shooting practice, to secure the oil, minerals, money, gold and a strategic foothold in the Middle East.

Like any casino there is a lot of fear for the players, though for the casino bosses there is much less fear, as they are the ones who can set up the games and scenarios which are to be gambled upon in the first place.

It is a well-known, provable fact that many wars have been started to create huge profit and economic recoveries by their outcomes. They were carefully planned by the unscrupulous casino owners, sadly unbeknownst to the soldiers dying and wounded in that conflict, while killing the sometimes millions of innocent people. When we see people dying of starvation we must face the truth that the global casino is killing them and their starving little babies. The casino owners have no conscience, and mass manipulation and massive profits are their God. – Jason Liosatos

Max Keiser - "We're Living In An Open-Air Prism"

Luke Rudkowski talks to Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert at the G8 protest about the breaking down of the social contract, the economy, the NSA and the G8 protesters.

Just Who Really is Edward Snowden The NSA Leaker ?

NSA Leaker Edward Snowden: How to Go Undercover in Hong Kong : June 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Rosalind Chin reports on the obstacles NSA leaker Edward Snowden faces as he hides in Hong Kong. (Source: Bloomberg)

BREAKING: Brazil Million Protest In Street , Anger Rises !!!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 200,000 protest the government raising bus fares
Major Brazilian cities have seen another night of protests against the billions of euros being spent on the Confederations Cup and next year's World Cup. Police clashed with demonstrators in the capital Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro

People are tired of being taxed to death while wages stay meager and the price of everything we need continues to rise. America's wages are exceedingly low, prices continue to rise, especially gas and food prices. Why? Because we are in a crunch like Pastor says. Chaos is on the way. War, riots like this, bloodshed, natural disasters, evil in the streets, oh, God, please help us!the USA will have a big protest before long if obama keeps it up.

The 2013 protests in Brazil, known in Portuguese as Revolta da Salada, Revolta do Vinagre ([ʁɛˈvɔwtɐ] or [ʁeˈvɔwtɐ ðɐ sɐˈlaðɐ], [ðu viˈnaɣɾi], Salad/Vinegar Rebellion), Primavera Brasileira, ([pɾĩmɐˈvɛɾɐ bɾɐziˈlejɾɐ]) or Brazilian Spring, also Outono Brasileiro ([owˈtõnu bɾɐziˈlejɾu]) or Brazilian Autumn, are ongoing public demonstrations in some Brazilian cities, organized mainly by the Free Fare Movement, a local entity that advocates for free public transportation. The demonstrations were organized mostly to protest against increases in bus, train and metro tickets in some cities of that country,[1][2][3][4] but are already involving other subjects such as the police brutality used against some protesters.

The first demonstrations took place in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte during August--September in 2012 called "Revolta do Busão" (Bus Rebellion), when protesters convinced the local city hall to reduce the fare price. [7] It then went to Porto Alegre in March; protesters also convinced the local city hall to reduce the fare price there.[8] In Goiânia, the demonstrations started on May 16th, before the prices were officially raised on 22 May from R$ 2,70 to R$ 3,00.[9] The peak of the demonstrations was on May 28th, at Bíblia Square, when four buses were destroyed, two were incinerated and two were stoned.[9] 24 students were arrested for vandalism and disobedience.[9] Another demonstration took place on June 6th, when students closed streets in downtown Goiânia, set fire to tires and threw bombs at police cars.[9] On June 13th, the fares were brought back to their previous price, when judge Fernando de Mello Xavier issued a preliminary injunction arguing that since June 1st the local bus companies were exempted from paying some taxes, but the passengers were not benefiting from this exemption.[9]

People protesting in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. The sign reads "Se a passagem não baixar, o Rio vai parar!", which is translated to "If the ticket (price) doesn't drop, Rio is going to stop!" In São Paulo, the demonstrations started when the local city hall and the government of the state of São Paulo (which runs the train and metro system of São Paulo) announced the raise of the tickets prices from R$3,00 to R$3,20[10] The previous hike of bus fares occurred in January 2011,[11] and was also subject to demonstrations.[12] As for the train and metro fares, they had been raised in February 2012, to the same price.[13] In early 2013, just after becoming mayor of the city, Fernando Haddad announced that the fares would raise in the first semester of 2013.[14] In May, the federal government announced that public transportation would be exempted from paying PIS and COFINS, two taxes of Brazil, so that the raise of the public transportation costs would not severe the ongoing inflation.[15] The fares were, so, raised from R$3,00 to R$3,20, starting on 2 June, and unchaining the demonstrations.

Ben Fulford : The hunt for M1, the guy counterfeiting Euros and Dollars for the Sabbatean Mafia

The battle for control of the Western financial system, and thus to a large extent the future of the world, is now hinging on hunting down and arresting an individual going by the code name M1, according to multiple sources.

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