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Patricia Broussard ~ Planet X Poleshift & Kill Shot

Planet X Poleshift Kill Shot Interview with Patricia Broussard by Veritas

 This Interview was done by Veritage on Wednesday August 7th. Warning: The material covered and discussed is sensational. The information discussed could be true, untrue or partially correct. By posting this I do not sanction condone or implicitly imply that I agree with the conclusions and assertions of Patty Broussard. It is an interesting interview. I will leave it at that.

Russia Threatens Nuclear War Against America ~ Lyndon Larouche

Lyndon LaRouche - Israel Can Trigger US-Russia Thermonuclear War  : Russia Threatens Nuclear War Against America -- End Times News Update
Lyndon LaRouche
According to Lyndon LaRouche's LPAC and statements made in this video by Russian President Medvedev, Russia has threatened nuclear war against America if it were to interfere in the sovereignty of Syria, Iran, North Korea and other sovereign nations.
Russia Warning in St Petersburg against interference in third-party global conflicts, Medvedev said: "At some moment such actions, which undermine sovereignty Syria, Iran, North Korea, can end with a full-fledged regional war, or even, and I don't want to scare anybody, the use of nuclear weapons

Who is at the Top of New World Order Pyramid?

This video demonstrates to you who is at the top of the pyramid. It also explains who is simply a minion or puppet of the system. Where they meet and what they discuss. Also discussed is what is more important that pointing out WHO is at the top.

Why Obama Canceled Summit with Putin Over Snowden

Obama Cancels Summit with Putin Over Snowden, No Obama Care for Congress, Benghazi Cover Up & More

President Obama has called off a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It's all because Russia granted NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden asylum. Meanwhile, the U.S. is closing nearly two dozen embassies around the Middle East because there is the threat of an attack reportedly by who else—al-Qaeda. These are the same "terrorists" that we are arming in Syria. "Obama Care" is great for everybody but Congress. The President has granted another waiver to Obama Care for staff and members of Congress. Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project on Russia Today

Jacque Fresco is like the leonardo da vinci of are time . I have watched his interview on the larry king show in 1974 Everything he talked about in that interview is in production now .I've been following this man for quite a few years now and some may disagree with him but he has the right ideas. No one can argue that. He visions a world where machines do 99.9% of the work and we can do as we please. We feel like drawing, swimming, tennis, poetry , sports, what ever as we were meant to be. And no more monetary MONEY to corrupt.

Is The American Dream Dying Under Obama? ~ Ann Coulter

Is The American Dream Dying Under Obama? - Obamacare Ann Coulter Weighs In! - Hannity

The American dream is DEAD it only appears to alive because its on life support. The American Dream is dying because servants of demonic entities are steering this nation toward utter ruin. Lucifer is at the helm of the NWO ship in full command of most high-ranking political, business, & religious leaders. Once a devastating catastrophic event or series engulf the world, the false messiah (Evil spirit acting as a benevolent E.T.?) will arise to offer supernatural 'relief' & so-called enlightenment to a needy & hurting planet.

Is the Dollar COLLAPSE Inevitable?

Is the Dollar COLLAPSE Inevitable?

the stock market is total manipulation. Don't even pay attention to it, and the money has no value, It is a debt note and the only value it has is FAITH. Completely agree. Everyone that uses fiat currencies plays their game and makes these globalist scum richer. The stock market is a complete sham; those of us commonfolk that claim we make earnings off of it are just scraps from the table. The REAL players are the ones that OWN complete markets; *COUGH* Federal Reserve & the treasuries market *COUGH*. The fact that they are engaged in more insider trading than we have ever seen committed even by the big financial institutions on Wallstreet should tell people something. The fact that the Fed can openly announce virtual debt reserve note creation at a rate of $85-100 BILLION per MONTH to continually devalue our dollar as a currency whilst simultaneously stating that the economy is recovering (yeah, when we see cities all over the world going bankrupt, including Detroit, a US manufacturing capital, just recently) should tell people something.

Terror Hoax ~ The Next Terrorist Attack & What The Mainstream Media Isn't Telling You

You've probably heard the media talking about the impending terrorist attack, but here's what they aren't telling you.

Excellent! We need not worry about the possibility of Muslim attacks, we need to focus on the fact that nation-wrecking elite who own the media, Hollywood, Banks, Fed, are piloting the United States government! Anyone with a degree of critical thinking left will be reasonably suspicious and take some time to look at what’s there. There are no Islamic terrorists, the attacks are by the shadow World government and Its secret services.The Solution is simple. They say fight. You say no. Unfortunately there are still far more uneducated people, than there are informed. You dont even need to know all the facts. Just look at history like it says in this vid, and you,ll have everything you need. Dont be cannon fodder. For rich Psychopaths.

NSA Scandal ~ Even The Emails are being Read

Fresh allegations have emerged over the extent of US electronic surveillance. The New York Times reported that the contents of emails to and from the US are being read, despite previous denials from American officials, including country's president, Barack Obama.Al Jazeera's Patty Culhane reports from Washington D.C.

Obama Impeachment ~ Hundreds Protest Obama Outside Phoenix High School Hundreds of protesters wielded signs, chanted slogans and argued with each other Tuesday outside Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, while President Barack Obama spoke about housing and the economy inside. Students, activists, curiosity-seekers and motorcade-junkies, some from as far away as California and Black Canyon City, thronged the sidewalks as rain drizzled from gray skies.. Read more:


The prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba has been open for 12 years and throughout that time period, a total of 779 men who were suspected terrorists were detained at the facility. It turns out that 92 percent of those men had no affiliation with al-Qaeda. Since before Obama became president of the US, he said closing down the prison was a top priority, but yet it remains open. RT's Sam Sacks reviews the numbers through the years.

The Alex Jones Show : Cynthia McKinney, James Neighbors - Thursday, August 08, 2013 (Full Show)

The Alex Jones Show - Thursday, August 08, 2013 (Full Show): Cynthia McKinney, James Neighbors

Today on the Thursday, August 8 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Alex interviews the driving forces behind the Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment campaign, James Neighbors and Dallas Thurman and discusses their mission to remove the corrupt and criminal President Obama. Alex will also talk with Green Party candidate, former Georgia State House Representative and activist Cynthia McKinney about the aftermath of the Trayvon riots. Alex will also discuss McKinney's new book titled "The Illegal War on Libya," in which she set out to monitor NATO's purported humanitarian intervention where she witnessed NATO's assault on a helpless civilian population. Alex will also cover the latest on a Reuters report that exposed an IRS manual detailing a branch of the DEA used for "recreating investigation" trails, and utilizing counter-terrorism tactics in domestic drug, organized crime and money laundering cases.

Surviving The Coming Financial Armageddon ~ The Collapse Of The Dollar And The Stock Market

survivalism expert Jim Rawles discussed how the collapse of the dollar and the stock market could cause civil unrest in major metro areas, and shared tips for preparedness. Eventually, foreign investors are going to demand a higher rate of return on treasury paper and "that will be the key trigger to unravel the whole ball of wax," he said. This will certainly happen within the next 10 years, probably within the next two years, he stated. If we have a solar storm or EMP event, it could take down our telecommunications system. Food stamps (which some 43 million Americans currently receive) are now on EBT cards, handled by a centralized computer system. If that system goes down, we'd have riots within hours, he warned.

The US continues to be plagued by unemployment, under-employment, and college students swimming in student loan debt, Rawles noted. He advises students to complete college in six years rather than four, taking part-time jobs to pay their way through school. In general, people should pay down their debts, and reorder their finances, working out a budget to figure out which expenses they can do without, he suggested. Regarding preparedness, it's important to gradually stock-up on staple supplies for as much as three years, if you have the storage,

Jim Rawles has been an enthusiastic survivalist since his teenage years. He is now a survivalist author and lecturer and the editor of He is a former U.S. Army intelligence officer who held a Top Secret security clearance (with Special Background Investigation) and access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI).

Glenn Beck Explodes! Total Chaos Coming! Lynchings in Street of America! Like You've NEVER Seen!

8/8/13 - Glenn Beck unleashes a furious tirade over the state of the world and warns that wholesale
chaos is looming, where we will see lynchings in the streets of America.
Despite his political affiliation and various opinions, GB is speaking truth here. Look around you,  We don't need political Pez dispensers to tell us that there is a storm front moving in for years now and it's about to start raining. Take information from whatever source it is. Truth doesn't know a color or religion. Truth is what it is. Try and look past the source of it and take the knowledge to make use of.

Food Stamp Nation ~ Are The Americans too Addicted to Government Handouts ?

Fox News Poll: 74% Think Americans Rely Too Much On The Government - Stuart Varney

$11 TRILLION in welfare spending over the next decade. Obama has successfully "fundamentally transformed" America with ever increasing records of Americans on food stamps and other government handouts. But where will the money come from? If you tax the mythical rich people 100% it won't even run the current spending levels for more than a couple months. Obama has already bankrupted America and yet can see nothing but more spending and more debt until the whole economy collapses. Is that the real "fundamental transformation" that he and his radical Marxists want? Was Glenn Beck really right when he warned us about the Cloward-Piven strategy to collapse the system? Our redistributionist president can take the mask off now. There are no more elections for him to worry about. Expect more and ever growing tyranny while ignoring the will of the people, the reality of economics and the rule of law.

Fukushima Nuclear Armageddon ~ 300,000 liters of radioactive water leaking into the Pacific

The Japanese government has now estimated that around 300,000 liters of radioactive water from the Fukushima Daiichi plant may be leaking into the Pacific Ocean on a daily basis. This is despite the plant's operator Tepco claiming until very recently that it was succeeding in preventing contaminated water from reaching the sea.

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE ~ Why Savers are Losers in this Economy

Simon Rose from Save Our Savers" versus a business owner Julia Chanteray on UK interest rates, which are destroying UKs savers, ergo destroying the UK eocnomy, as you can't have a strong economy with ever more debt, you need savers to spend - but they can't as they are being STOLEN from to prop up speculators in The City and borrowers who are addicted to cheap credit. Recorded from Channel 4 News, 07 August 2013.

The Future of Free Energy ~ Geothermal Electricity

How it works: Geothermal Electricity
Today, we consume a truly vast amount of energy - with demand continuing to skyrocket at an alarming rate. We know that producing this energy has significant environmental impacts and emitting so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere could cause catastrophic climate change

The deeper you go into the earth's core, the hotter it becomes. Some of this vast energy is already harnessed by geothermal power plants which use steam from heated water deep underground to drive turbines and generate electricity.

Planet X , Astral Travel & Teleportation - Coast to Coast Am August 7 2013

About the show:

In the first half, hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Goldberg talked about such topics as astral travel, out-of-body travel, teleportation, and his techniques for soul plane ascension, and "superconscious mind tap." The latter technique is a way to treat habits, phobias, and illnesses, and raise your level of consciousness or frequency vibration rate, he said, adding that four conditions must be present to achieve this: internal motivation, discipline to practice hypnosis or meditative state, faith in the process, and access to your higher self. Illnesses are caused by energy imbalances, sometimes related to spiritual or psychical issues, he added.

Goldberg offered tips on how to achieve out-of-body experiences (OBEs). Since people go into these states naturally while asleep or dreaming, one of his suggestions was to tell yourself before going to sleep that you're going to remember your OBEs during the dream state. He also shared details about traveling in the astral plane, noting that the upper astral plane is a place of safety, alertness, and love, while in the lower astral plane confusion and evil entities are present. The lower astral plane has no possibility of spiritual growth, because your higher self does not go there, while the opposite is true in the upper astral, he explained.


In the latter half, author and publisher Marshall Masters shared his contention that 'Planet X' is continuing its inbound path in our solar system, drawing closer to Earth. Rather than a planet, he believes what is out there is a mini-constellation, with a brown dwarf sun at the center, that is currently about two Jupiter distances away from us. One of the outermost objects orbiting this sun has been observed and nicknamed "Bluebonnet," he said. In order for it to be observed, people have to adjust their view, not for the Earth's horizon, but the ecliptic-- the plane of the solar system, he stated.

Masters said an associate of his captured an image of the brown dwarf from a high altitude viewing spot west of Peru back in May and that has helped his team calculate the path of Planet X. He suggested that the effects of Planet X have already played into Earth's extreme weather, but according to his estimate, from 2015 onward, disruptions will be far more intense, with a pole shift and drastic flooding taking place, such as Edgar Cayce predicted. For more, check out Masters' video Planet X System Observations and Orbital Analysis.

News segment guest: James McCanney

UKIP Godfrey Bloom on UK foreign aid to 'Bonga Bonga' (07Aug13)

UKIPs Godfrey Bloom on foreign aid to 'Bonga Bonga', something the presenter does not want to talk about.

UKIPs Godfrey Bloom shows how to end an interview when the presenter carries on asking bullshit questions, instead of the important issue, in this case, the £1bn a month of UK taxpayers money sent to "bonga bonga" countries so they can buy latest jets, sports cars etc. Recorded from Channle 4 News, 07 August 2013.

DefCon 2013 ~ How the FBI is now in the Hacking Business too

Around 15,000 hackers and security experts descended on Las Vegas for the twenty-first annual DefCon last week to discuss the latest and greatest exploits and vulnerabilities targeting seemingly anything and everything. RT web producer Andrew Blake was on hand and brings us this report of how hacks for everything from drones and self-driving cars to digital cameras and toys for toddlers were discussed at DefCon. Phone phreak Captain Crunch, the ACLU's Chris Soghoian and robotics expert Zoz also weigh in on what happens at DefCon, and how the FBI is now in the hacking business too.

The Greatest Truth NEVER Told : They Dont Control us , We Empower Them

The Greatest Truth NEVER Told : They Dont Control us , We Empower Them

The elites will never change their system, because it works so well for them. Our minds obviously need to change. Don't vote for these scumbag governments, that would be a start in the right direction.The system of revolving oligarchy is called Feudo-Marxism.


To survive in hereditary, all feudalisms have to find a way to pay-off their revolting land peasants - especially when they breed too much and the demands on the peasant lands increase to the pont where the peasants want the oligarch lands.


The solution is obviously Social-ism - communise the peasants to pay for their own needs while still supplying a revenue stream to the feudal oligarchy


It is indeed a fragile arrangementIt is ALWAYS a group of collectivists who have a group of cunning men that spread a lie down to us that get us to sacrifice up to them. History repeats itself over and over and over. Then finally, there is the great awakening and it turns into a battle of IQ's and cunning and does it becomes a group of collectivists who have a group of cunning men that spread the lie?. This time, it is the global awakening. Biggest transformation in the history of man.

Why are the Rich getting Richer?

Inequality: Why are the rich getting richer?

 1. The current money system distributes money from the bottom 90% to the top 10%

Because 97% of the money in the UK is created by banks, someone must pay interest on nearly every pound in the circulation. This interest redistributes money from the bottom 90% of the population to the very top 10%. The bottom 90% of the UK pays more interest to banks that they ever receive from them, which results in a redistribution of income from the bottom 90% of the population to the top 10%. Collectively we pay £165m every day in interest on personal loans alone (not including mortgages), and a total of £213bn a year in interest on all our debts.

2. It transfers money from the real economy to the banks

Businesses are also in a similar situation. The 'real' (non-financial), productive economy needs money to function, but because all money is created as debt, that sector also has to pay interest to the banks in order to function. This means that the real-economy businesses - shops, offices, factories etc -- end up subsidising the banking sector.

3. It transfers money from the rest of the UK to the City of London

Banks pay their staff out of their profits, which in large part comes from the interest they charge on loans. Because most of the high earning bank staff work in the City of London, this results in a geographic transfer of wealth from the UK to those working in the City of London.

4. The instability that the system causes means that temporary and low-paid jobs are insecure

When banks cause a financial crisis it leads to unemployment. It tends to be low-paid and temporary contract workers who are the first to get made redundant first, so that instability in the economy has a bigger effect on those on low incomes with insecure jobs.

5. High house prices increase inequality

When house prices are pushed up by banks creating money, those on low incomes suffer the most. People on low incomes often can't get a mortgage big enough to buy a house, so they don't benefit from the rise in house prices. Meanwhile, those who can get access to mortgages can buy multiple houses for buy-to-let and benefit from artificial inflation in house prices. Younger people also lose out, as the cost of buying their first house swallows an ever larger amount of their income, while older and retired people who own houses benefit. This all increases inequality across different income groups and between the young and old.

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