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The Global Debt Bomb & The Fiscal Unsustainability of the West

The problem is the banks. Specifically, the bail-outs, the fractional banking system lending uncovered money at a rate of 1 in to 10 out, and fiat uncovered currency. The government should print its own money. Further, the debt itself can be traded. Negative numbers themselves are real numbers. So, if I owe you 10pounds, and you owe me 5, the net I have to pay you is only 5 pounds. The larger the pool of countries the easier it is to trade debt, and path the difference after a re-structure. Also, it was corporate tax that was at 90% not personal tax. Finally, the corporations subtract all their expenses before taxes, something the individual can not do. The tax system must be reformed.

On Tuesday, February 14, former Congressman Joe DioGuardi spoke with students at the Wharton School of Business. DioGuardi discussed the impending fiscal crisis that is caused by a mounting national debt and a faulty accounting system for the federal government, and which has been muddled by the practices of the Federal Reserve. Joseph J. DioGuardi is a former U.S. Congressman and author of the book Unaccountable Congress: It Doesn't Add Up

Mike Rivero -- The Craigslist Killer is a Smoke Screen by The Corporate Media

What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Tuesday February 18 2014: (Commercial Free Video) ,Michael Rivero is the webmaster of and host of the What Really Happened radio shows on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Formerly with NASA, Michael transitioned his image processing skills (along with a brief stint as an actor) into the then-new motion picture computer animation field and has worked on films such as "Star Trek", "The Day After Tomorrow", and has supervised visual effects on "Brainscan," "LOST", and "Hawaii Five-0." Michael has taken a sabbatical from film work to focus all his efforts on peace activism. Michaels foray into blogging began before the word was even invented, and happened almost by accident when he spotted a suspicious photograph being broadcast on ABC news in 1994 related to the death of White House deputy Council Vincent Foster. Since that sudden beginning, Michaels website has expanded to cover diverse topics including the JFK assassination, the accidental shoot-down of TWA 800, election fraud, health issues, Saddams non-existent nuclear weapons, 9-11, the economy, and of course, the lies used to trick the United States into wars of conquest on Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Iran. Michael resides in Hawaii with his wife Claire, who is a composer and creates much of theme music used on the What Really Happened radio show.

Steve Quayle on The Suspicious Bankers Suicides

Steve Quayle and V on Hagmann Banker Suicides Major Sign We are Close to the End Mon Feb 17

Banker Deaths, The London Whale, JPMorgan, Collapsing Financial System .This Hagmann & Hagmann broadcast V The Guerilla Economist & Steve Quayle explains all the connections involved in the suspicious deaths of bankers being sold as suicides, V explains the signs which indicate clearly the end is not far off for the Western financial system.

WORLDWIDE RIOTS -- Ukraine unrest explodes into violence and fire

 Tuesday, more than a dozen people were killed in Ukraine's capital city Kiev, as thousands of police attacked thousands of anti-government protesters, who have been demanding closer ties with the West. Meanwhile, in Iraq, a string of car bombings left 49 people dead and 90 wounded.

Police move in on opposition camp in center of Kiev following a day of violence that left at least 18 dead. Scores were injured in violent, often fiery battles between anti-government demonstrators and police in Kiev. (Feb. 18)

Webster Tarpley Exclusive interview on technology and more

In a rare, uncut and raw interview, Webster Tarpley, lays it out with passion. "It's a lunar landscape says Tarpley".The interview was conducted by Shepard Ambellas and Jason Bermas the makers of SHADE.

Historian and President of Washington Grove Institute, a think tank in Washington D.C, Webster Tarpley, discussed the conspiratorial mindset, and shared his intriguing analysis of current geopolitical and historical situations. More and more people are turning toward conspiracies because the "official story" behind such events as 9-11 and the JFK assassination are unbelievable or fantastic, he said. Tarpley doesn't consider himself a conspiracy theorist, but a seeker of truth, though he admitted that the uncovering of facts in many instances often does point to conspiracies. We live in an oligarchy run by financiers, and they often do conspire together for shared goals, he noted, adding that they compose a shadow government that secretly rules the US, intersecting with people at the State Dept., the CIA, and perhaps the Treasury and the Federal Reserve.

Tarpley spoke about his forthcoming book about Pearl Harbor and the assassination of FDR. We're told a lot of fakery about Roosevelt like he provoked Japan, and that he kept his Naval Admirals in the dark, but the opposite was true, he said. Further, a group of Wall St. Republicans that FDR put in control of the Pentagon wanted a defeat to weaken FDR in the postwar world, and Churchill knew the time and place of the Pearl Harbor attack but kept quiet in order to draw the US into the war, he continued. Roosevelt was poisoned by a female Russian painter in April 1945, Tarpley claimed, and Stalin reportedly told FDR's son "your father was poisoned/murdered by the Churchill gang."

Tarpley also commented on current situations in France, China, and Russia, as well as Syria and Libya, two countries that he visited during recent turmoils. America can get out of its economic woes by seizing control of the Federal Reserve, and stop using it to give 0% loans to bankers and financial interests, and instead give these loans with a hundred year maturity to the states, who could then start massive infrastructure rebuilding projects, he argued.
Webster Griffin Tarpley is a philosopher of history who seeks to provide the programs and strategies needed to overcome the current world crisis. As an activist historian he first became widely known for his book George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), a masterpiece of research which is still a must read. Tarpley is a member of the "world anti-imperialist conference" Axis for Peace, of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and of a research Netzwerk of German 9/11 authors founded in September 2006. He is featured in the film, Zero: an investigation into 9/11 During 2008, he warned of the dangers of an Obama presidency controlled by Wall Street with Obama: The Postmodern Coup, The Making of a Manchurian Candidate and Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography. His interest in economics is reflected in Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide Through the Worst Financial Crisis in Human HistoryAgainst Oligarchy. He is currently completing a study of Pearl Harbor as an episode in Wall Street's war against President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the New Deal, and FDR's economic bill of rights. His books have appeared in Japanese, German, Italian, French, and Spanish. From 1974 to 1984, he was a correspondent in central Europe, during which time he co-authored Chi ha ucciso Aldo Moro (Who Killed Aldo Moro, 1978) a study of international terrorism. In 1979-80, he appeared as commentator for Teleradiosole, a television station in Rome. From 1984 to 1996, he was a correspondent in Washington DC. Tarpley is the co-author of George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), which has sold 30,000 copies and remains the only critical biography of the former President. In 1997 he published an anthology entitled Against Oligarchy: Essays and Speeches 1970-1996. These books can be consulted on the internet at His 9/11 Synthetic Terror, the Bible of the 9/11 Truth Movement, has sold over 20,000 copies. His two books on Obama are virtually the only critical ones in print from a progressive viewpoint. Tarpley has lectured in numerous colleges and universities around the world. In 1995 he was named a consultant to the Universal Ecological Academy of Moscow. He holds an MA from Skidmore College and a Ph.D. in history from the Catholic University of America. Webster Tarpley's talk show World Crisis Radio is now broadcast on the Genesis World Report on GCNLive Free Internet Streaming Radio, Saturdays, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Eastern (1-3 Central, 11-1 Pacific), all 4 networks.

Phyllis Schlafly -- The Alex Jones Show(Commercial Free Video) Tuesday February 18 2014

On this Tuesday, February 18 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex takes a look at a rapidly deteriorating American economy as China dumps a pile up of U.S. debt and economists warn of serious hyperinflation ahead. Alex also talks about the apparent suicide death of yet another J.P. Morgan banker and disturbing developments in increasingly robotic world of police state enforcement. On today's transmission, Alex talks with constitutional lawyer, conservative activist, author, and founder of the Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlafly. She will talk about so-called immigration reform and the influx of illegal aliens in the United States.

Another "JP Morgan" banker jumps to his death!

33-year-old banker leaps to his death from JPMorgan’s Hong Kong headquarters, latest in string of apparent suicides

JPMorgan banker jumps from Hong Kong headquarters

A 33-year-old man jumped to his death from the skyscraper roof of U.S. investment bank JPMorgan Chase & Co’s Asia headquarters on Tuesday, police said.
JP Morgan has confirmed that the man who jumped was an employee at the firm with the last name Li. He was a junior investment banker.
Li was certified dead in hospital after the fall at around 2 p.m., a police spokeswoman told Reuters. Police did not yet know the circumstances surrounding his death.
Horrified finance workers in neighbouring offices circulated pictures via social media of him standing above the company logo emblazoned on top of the Chater House building in central Hong Kong.
One Instagram user, kurtlinsfat, posted the following image, which he said was taken by a colleague on Tuesday:

Why are so many bankers being killed?

The Banksters Are In Serious Trouble - Steve Quayle & "V" The Guerrilla Economist Why are so many bankers being killed? What do they all have in common? Who is next on the list? Steve & V explain on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report.

Julian Assange interview live from the Ecuadorean embassy in London

Top-secret documents leaked by Edward Snowden have revealed new details about how the United States and Britain targeted the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks after it published leaked documents about the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan. According to a new article by The Intercept, Britain's top spy agency, the Government Communications Headquarters or GCHQ, secretly monitored visitors to a WikiLeaks website by collecting their IP addresses in real time, as well as the search terms used to reach the site. One document from 2010 shows that the National Security Agency added WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange to a "manhunting" target list, together with suspected members of al-Qaeda. We speak Assange live from the Ecuadorean embassy in London, where he has sought political asylum since 2012. Also joining us is his lawyer Michael Ratner, president emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

NSA Spying on Lawyers: Snowden Documents Reveal

NSA a spying arm for US Corporations

Spying on Lawyers: Snowden Documents Show NSA Ally Targeted U.S. Law Firm . A new report based on leaks by Edward Snowden reveals the National Security Agency played a role in the monitoring of a U.S. law firm that represented the Indonesian government during trade disputes with the United States. According to The New York Times, the NSA's Australian counterpart told the agency it was spying on trade talks between the United States and Indonesia, including potentially privileged communications between Indonesian officials and the U.S. law firm, Mayer Brown. The document notes the Australian agency "has been able to continue to cover the talks, providing highly useful intelligence for interested U.S. customers." The report by James Risen and Laura Poitras bolsters claims by Snowden and others that the NSA and its allies conduct spying for economic gain. We speak to Jesselyn Radack, legal advisor to Snowden. She is Director of National Security & Human Rights at the Government Accountability Project. We are also joined by Michael Ratner, president emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Paul McGuire explains how America is being sold to China

Paul McGuire explains how America is being sold to China Hagmann & Hagmann - February 2014
The petro-dollar illusion is what kept america weak and eventually will fail. Everyone thinks since we are the reserve currency we can borrow and borrow, import and import our own brand merchandise, we can welcome illegals by the truckload, etc. Most countries HAVE TO EARN a strong currency by ballancing imports with exports.

What needs to happen to these knuckle-dragging Neanderthal Elite Ruling Class sh*t hogs is they need to spend some time as a home- less person. They are spoiled pulp rotten by their inherited lavish lifestyles to where they've become Marie Antoinettes. They think any average working human who isn't in their 1% Pismire Club is so much garbage to be thrown away. Truth is THEY are the zits on the backside of society. Parasitical DO-NOTHINGS who live off the hard work of REAL PEOPLE.

War on The Poor -- US jailing people for being poor

The US Supreme Court deemed it unconstitutional to throw someone in jail for not being able to pay court fees or fines without asking them if they can afford it first, but still, courts across the country continue to imprison poor people for not paying fines. Then, even worse, those fines grow with interest rate, as the people behind bars have no way to make any money to pay down fines. The Resident discusses.

A World in Turmoil -- RIOTS and Civil UNREST Coming to Your Doorstep!

Venezuela's Maduro left alone to deal with protests
'Chavistas' march in Venezuela, opposition protests continue
Text messages warn Ukraine protesters they are 'participants in mass riot'
Rioting In China's Restive Xinjiang Region Kills 16 People
Toronto police officer found not guilty of assault in G20 protests

2014 The Coming of the Mark

This really doesn't sound good.Rumors are that the US is already in default....meeting in secret with China and other world powers for the "global reset" of debts and currency. This is the supposed reason the US has not been intensely applying itself to the debt ceiling resolution - because they already know default is coming.If you own gold, make sure it's physical, look at Germany waiting on delivery, they only got 5 tons from the Fed last year, 5 tons! "gold is money, everything else is credit" J.P. Morgan

Was The Power Grid Sniper Attack An Inside Job

INSIDE JOB... or not... Or even inside job to be made to look like an inside job... End result.. Tax dollars hard at work to get to you to pay for the concrete/steel encasing..

they wanted to scare the big companies in San Jose, apple is there yahoo is there and a lot of other powerful corporations. I drive to San Jose every week and pass by that same electricity plant its right off the highway its crazy how they could have gotten away so fast  there's really only one way out back into the freeway and from there mix right into the traffic. there was a bomb scare at a bank of America in San Jose a year or two ago were the FBI set up some Muslim extremist and gave him all supplies and told him to drive up to the bank and detonate it. after he hit the button and nothing happened he was rushed by the fbi and made it look like it was a real threat when on the local news they stated that the FBI had set up everything and just lured the guy in to do the dirty work. I think the Boston bombing was set up like this but that time they actually went along with it and had the attack happen and then quickly point the finger and silence them so they wont start talking.

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