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ILLUSION OF POWER: Voluntary Servitude Exposed

Voluntary inservitude — the refusal of power’s domination over ourselves — should not be confused with a refusal of politics. Rather it should be seen as the construction of an alternative form of politics, and as intensification of political action; we might call it a politics of withdrawal from power, a politics of non-domination. There is nothing apolitical about such a politics of refusal: the politics of refusal is not a refusal of politics as such, but rather a refusal of the established forms and practices of politics enshrined in the state, and the desire to create new forms of politics outside the state — the desire, in other words, for a politics of autonomy. Indeed, the notion of the ‘autonomy of the political’, invoked by Carl Schmitt to affirm the sovereignty of the state — the prerogative of the state to define the friend/enemy opposition (Schmitt, 1996) — should be seen, on my alternative reading, as suggesting a politics of autonomy. The proper moment of the political is outside the state and seeks to engender new non-authoritarian relationships and ways of life.

China Overtaking U.S. as Ruling EMPIRE!

Wealthy Chinese Snatch Up US Investor Visas
China signs mega east Africa rail deal
Chinese Investments in U.S. Commercial Real Estate Surges

Chinese investors and government owned corporations are buying up the assets of the U.S. and many other countries. The danger of this exists because a debtor is always under the control of it's creditor. China is gaining control over the whole world!

The U.S. EMPIRE is at stake, partially because of the asset grabbing that China is pushing really hard for.

What Does The US Government Want in Ukraine? by Ron Paul

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 5/12/14: What Does The US Government Want in Ukraine?

In several eastern Ukrainian towns over the past week, the military opened fire on its own citizens. Dozens may have been killed in the violence. Although the US government generally condemns a country's use of military force against its own population, especially if they are unarmed protesters, this time the US administration blamed the victims. After as many as 20 unarmed protesters were killed on the May 9th holiday in Ukraine, the State Department spokesman said "we condemn the outbreak of violence caused by pro-Russia separatists."

Why are people protesting in eastern Ukraine? Because they do not believe the government that came to power after the US-backed uprising in February is legitimate. They do not recognize the authority of an unelected president and prime minister. The US sees this as a Russian-sponsored destabilization effort, but is it so hard to understand that the people in Ukraine may be annoyed with the US and EU for their involvement in regime change in their country? Would we be so willing to accept an unelected government in Washington put in place with the backing of the Chinese and Iranians?

The US State Department provided much assistance earlier this year to those involved in the effort to overthrow the Ukrainian government. The US warned the Ukrainian government at the time not to take any action against those in the streets, even as they engaged in violence and occupied government buildings. But now that those former protesters have come to power, the US takes a different view of protest. Now they give full support to the bloody crackdown against protesters in the east. The State Department spokesperson said last week: "We continue to call for groups who have jeopardized public order by taking up arms and seizing public buildings in violation of Ukrainian law to disarm and leave the buildings they have seized." This is the opposite of what they said in February. Do they think the rest of the world does not see this hypocrisy?

The residents of eastern Ukraine have long been closer to Russia than to the US and EU. In fact, that part of Ukraine had been a part of Russia. After February's regime change, officials in the east announced that they would hold referenda to see whether the population wanted autonomy from the US-backed government in Kiev. The US demanded that Russian President Putin stop eastern Ukraine from voting on autonomy, and last week the Russian president did just that: he said that the vote should not be held as scheduled. The eastern Ukrainians ignored him and said they would hold the vote anyway. So much for the US claims that Russia controls the opposition in Ukraine.

Even though the Russian president followed US demands and urged the eastern Ukrainians to hold off on the vote, the US State Department announced that the US would apply additional sanctions on Russia if the vote is held! Does this make any sense?

The real question is why the US government is involved in Ukraine in the first place. We are broke. We cannot even afford to fix our own economy. Yet we want to run Ukraine? Does it really matter who Ukrainians elect to represent them? Is it really a national security matter worth risking a nuclear war with Russia whether Ukraine votes for more regional autonomy and a weaker central government? Isn't that how the United States was originally conceived?

Has the arrogance of the US administration, thinking they should run the world, driven us to the brink of another major war in Europe? Let us hope they will stop this dangerous game and come to their senses. I say let's have no war for Ukraine!

The Alex Jones Show(Commercial Free VIDEO) Sunday May 11 2014: 2nd Amendment Worldwide

On this live, worldwide Sunday, May 11 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex reports on great news regarding the right to keep and bear arms not just in America but worldwide. Brave Mexicans are currently restoring peace and prosperity to Mexico by taking arms to defend themselves against drug cartels, forcing the Mexican government to admit that the country's growing pro-gun movement is the only hope for Mexico. In other news, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said that the House won't use its powers to arrest former IRS official Lois Lerner for contempt of Congress, yet on the other hand federal agents are still harassing rural pot farmers in Washington, a state which legalized marijuana in 2012. Alex also takes your calls to hear your take and more, so tune in because you won't want to miss today's powerful broadcast!

Build up to WW3 - U.S. & PHILIPPINES Kick Off Major Live Fire WAR GAMES in South China Sea

The United States and the Philippines have launched mock assault drills on a South China Sea beach amid rising tensions between Manila and Beijing.

In the drills, dubbed Balikatan (shoulder-to-shoulder), 40 US and 80 Filipino Marines attacked a mock enemy tent before retreating to their rafts in Zambales Province on Friday. The exercises included amphibious operations from the coastline, practicing stealth landing and troop deployment at a nearby beach.

The US Marines said the maneuvers are meant to boost training and other capabilities. Armed Forces of the Philippines Balikatan co-director Lieutenant Annaleah Cazcarro, said the training was "just an exercise which enhances us to be more effective," and not related to tensions in the South China Sea.

The drill was set to be held in military camps in the northern and western Philippines. It includes maritime surveillance exercises, live-fire drills, training on handling bombs and "mass casualty response."

The exercise comes as tensions between China and the Philippines have been increasing over maritime and territorial disputes in recent months. The two countries have competing claims over a number of islands and shoals in the South China Sea.

The US and the Philippines have recently signed an accord that would give the American military greater access to bases across the Southeast Asian nation.

Beijing has already demanded that Washington stay out of regional disputes. But US President Barack Obama insists the new military pact is not designed to counter China in the region.

The two-week naval exercises, dubbed "Balikatan" (shoulder-to-shoulder), are ostensibly designed to help the two allies respond to emergencies, including piracy and natural disasters.

Nearly 5,500 American and Filipino service personnel will participate in the naval games, which will involve the participation of US F-18 fighter jets and soldiers involved in live ammo exercises, on the main island of Luzon.

The maneuvers, held on the edge of the South China Sea, come just one week after Manila and Washington hammered out the details of a new security agreement, the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, which gives the US Navy broader access to local ports and military bases.

Philippine Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario made a veiled reference to China, with whom Manila has had territorial conflicts, when he said the exercises would help counter "excessive and expansive maritime and territorial claims."

"The aggressive patterns of behavior, aimed at changing the status quo, threaten peace and stability in the region. Balikatan 2014 with its focus on maritime security strongly supports our capabilities to address these challenges.

"It is silly that China is even being mentioned since the US has expressed its non-committal (sic) to defend the Philippines in the event of an armed confrontation with China,"

China and the Philippines have exchanged threats over ownership rights to the Spratly Islands, an archipelago in the South China Sea, which is believed to contain a vast quantity of oil and natural gas reserves. The islands, which spread over more than 425,000 square kilometers (164,000 square miles) of water, are also claimed by Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam. cold war

Ukraine's parliament on Tuesday approved a series of joint military exercises with NATO countries that would put US troops in direct proximity to Russian forces in the annexed Crimea peninsula.

The decision came as NATO foreign ministers gathered in Brussels for a two-day meeting dominated by concern over the recent buildup of Russian forces near Crimea that US officials estimate had at one point reached about 40,000 troops.

NATO has sought to reinforce its eastern frontier after Russia's takeover of Ukraine's Black Sea peninsula and amid concerns about the Kremlin's emboldened foreign policy.

China reportedly "sunk" a mock US aircraft carrier with a state of the art missile during a war game in the Gobi Desert recently, fueling concerns that the newly emerging superpower is increasingly eyeing the United States as a military rival.

Road to WW3 -- Ukraine Eastern Regions Hold Sovereignty Vote

Voters in eastern Ukraine lined up at the polls in a twin referendum on sovereignty for two heavily populated industrial regions Sunday, amid warnings from the central government that the balloting was illegal. (May 11)

Time to Run for The Hills , The Cities are a lost Cause -- Sheikh Imran Hosein

Imran Nazar Hosein is a leading International Islamic Philosopher, Scholar and author, specialising in world politics, economy, eschatology , modern socio-economic/political issues and expert on international affairs. He is best- selling author of Jerusalem in the Qur'an. Imran Nazar Hosein was born on the Caribbean island of Trinidad in 1942 to parents whose ancestors had migrated from India as indentured labourers. He studied Islam, Philosophy and International Relations at several universities and institutions of higher learning. Among them are al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, the Institute of International Relations of the University of the West Indies in Trinidad, the University of Karachi in Pakistan, the Aleemiyah Institute of Islamic Studies in Karachi, Pakistan, and the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland.

Wall Street Suicide Skyrocketting

Wall Street bankers have been committing suicide at an increased rate over the past six months, drawing attention to what makes Wall Street different from other jobs and why this particular working environment leads employees to kill themselves. Gabriel Mizrahi and Lissette Padilla talk about the root of the problem and explore ways it could be fixed, in this clip from the Lip News.

War Against Illuminati & Dark Forces with Project Camelot's Kerry Cassidy

Alien & Illuminati Connection with Kerry Cassidy : Aliens and Illuminati are discussed with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, who discusses the Pleiadians and the strange phenomenon she has encountered. The connections of shared symbols between Illuminati and dark magicians like Aleister Crowley, and the more benevolent alien energies is examined in this interview clip from Buzzsaw, hosted by Sean Stone.

 Conspiracy fact and witnesses to the dark side of aliens, reptilians, illuminati and personal links to the pleiadians are all discussed with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. We discuss the silver star, illuminati, and many of the connections between the higher orders of influence and both light and darkness. The vatican connections to illuminati, chakra work, and whistleblowers alike are examined with the veteran interviewer in the uncensored talk with Sean Stone for Buzzsaw.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy is the CEO and co-Founder of Project Camelot. Kerry has a BA in English with graduate work in Sociology, an MBA certificate from the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management, and was competitively selected to attend a year of film school at the UCLA Extension Short Fiction Film Program as one of their first "hyphenates": a writer-director-producer.
Kerry conducts interviews documenting the testimony of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as researchers and experiencers covering all aspects of reality both on and off planet. She speaks at conferences around the world on the subjects of ETs, the Illuminati agenda, mind control, the matrix, prophecies, Kundalini activation and more. Kerry is an intuitive and spent years researching the occult and studying Eastern philosophy. While spending dedicated time in meditation, she linked her chakras in her 20s and has had multiple samadhi experiences since then.
Kerry Cassidy is also a well known radio talk show host, hosts events and speaks around the world. She writes groundbreaking articles and commentary on current events from a Big Picture standpoint involving black projects, secret space and conspiracies.

Fed Warns of UNSUSTAINABLE Debt, Beyond $100 Trillion!

Unsustainable debt isn't a future prediction as the Fed makes it seem. When using GAAP, the US is already well beyond a sustainable level and will ultimately have to reform or COLLAPSE. Despite what the politicians tell you, these are the two options.

The government will never admit fault and will surely never change course on their policies. Therefore, we can expect the COLLAPSE to take place.
"Are we still a capitalist democracy or have we gone over into an oligarchic form of society in which incredible economic and political power now rests with the billionaire class?"
Fed Chair: 'Deficits Will Rise to Unsustainable Levels'
federal government's debt held by the public would rise from $11.983 trillion at the end of fiscal 2013 to $20.947 trillion by the end of 2024.
I'm worried about a crisis bigger than 2008: Faber
GAAP-Based Federal Budget Deficit Hit Record $6.6 Trillion in 2012

As All Eyes Are On Ukraine Something Big Is About To Happen In The Middle East

Greece's unemployment is getting worse, it seems the government is now revising numbers like the US. Barclay's is laying off a total of 19,000 employees. College grads can't find work after college. Insurance executives are now saying the taxes in Obamacare will be passed onto the consumers. US is deploying 20 marine brigades to the Korean Peninsula in case of a North Korean invasion. Sanctions are being placed on Russians for dealing with Syria. New sanctions are being placed on Syrian government officials. US closes Yemen embassy because of terrorism and Libyan rebels will not give up the oil ports. The US government/central bankers have been shipping weapons to paid mercenaries in Syria, closing embassies in Yemen and getting ready to bring in forces to Libya. Something big is about to go down.

War in Syria 2014 -- UN on Syria: Must a million die?

A top United Nation's aid official has expressed his frustration at the obstacles to humanitarian aid in Syria. John Ging, the director of operations at the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said three years into the conflict, the crisis in Syria was getting even worse.He said: "The valid question to ask those political leaders is ... how many poor people will you accept to be killed before you do something different? It's 5,000 a month at the moment and it's over 150,000 already. Is it 200,000? Is it a quarter of a million? Is it a million people?"The UN aid chief was speaking as government forces regained control of Homs, a city once called the capital of the revolution. Hundreds of fighters surrendered their stronghold in a deal that allowed them safe passage to other rebel-held areas.But what effect will the fall of Homs have on the wider conflict in the country? And what will it take for political leaders to take more decisive action?

Ukraine crisis: Pro-Russian rebels 'retreating' from Slovyansk

Pro-Russian militants just outside Sloviansk are retreating amid attacks by Ukrainian troops, reports say. Government forces have taken a TV tower in the sub...The BBC's Natalia Antelava speaks to people in the town of Sloviansk, in eastern Ukraine, which is under full control of pro-Russian militants. During the co...Fears of an impending offensive by Ukrainian forces are growing in the pro-Russian stronghold of Sloviansk, sources inside the city say. Ukraine's army cut o...Many pro-Russia rebels have been killed, injured and arrested in the Ukrainian government offensive in the eastern city of Sloviansk, acting President Oleksa...Pro-Russian militants just outside Sloviansk are retreating amid attacks by Ukrainian troops, reports say. Government forces have taken a TV tower in the suburbs and rebels were pulling back...Pro-Russian rebels have shot down two of Ukraine's army helicopters during an "anti-terror" operation in the eastern city of Sloviansk, Kiev says. Ukraine's ...The BBC's Natalia Antelava speaks to people in the town of Sloviansk, in eastern Ukraine, which is under full control of pro-Russian militants. During the co...Pro-Russian militants just outside Sloviansk are retreating amid attacks by Ukrainian troops, reports say. Government forces have taken a TV tower in the sub...Pro-Russian militants just outside Sloviansk are retreating amid attacks by Ukrainian troops, reports say. Government forces have taken a TV tower in the suburbs and rebels were pulling back...Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have freed a team of European military observers after more than a week in captivity in the flashpoint town of Sloviansk

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