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Warning: Two Weeks To Prepare For A Possible Cyber Attack On Bank Accounts

US factory order beat expectations but when you remove defense orders factory orders declined. Many clients in the big financial institutions are now shorting treasuries. It seems Senators are becoming very wealthy in government, half are millionaires. Russia and China are making deals with each other, they are creating a combined credit rating agency. The US government/central bankers are beefing up military assets throughout Europe. Syrian elections are now in favor of Assad and the US government/central bankers are working on a plan to strike into Syria. Holder is now creating a home grown terrorist force to go after American citizens, it begins, this lists are distributed and the forces are being created. We have 2 weeks before a major cyber attack hits which will in turn take your private information, your bank funds and bring the economy to its knees. Be prepared for a false flag.

Complete Takeover Of America By 2016- HAPPENING NOW!

Since the 1770's the Rothschild family hse been involved in banking & money-lending.
Nathan Rothschild attempted to get America into debt by offering a huge loan to the american president to finance the crushing of the rebellion. When the president threw Rothschild out his study telling Rothschild he was a crook from a criminal family Rothschild sought revenge by talking the british government back home, into sending the british redcoats to America to help the southerners to overthrow the government. However, this failed and the british army ran for their lives when they met with the barrels of muskets at point-blank range at the famous battle of New Orleans.
Sworn to take revenge, the british monarchy and Rothschild masterminded an aquisition of America through deception involving signing a document that gave America its independance from Britain the wording of which was then interfered with within 24 hours of the signing where british the monarchy now owned America as a corporation called "The United States of America".
America was then used as the operating base for this cabals' evil agenda to take-over the world.
Rothschild learned through lending money to a wealthy jew in order to finance the Russian revolution (who was advised to change his name to Leon Trotsky to hide his real identity) that lending money for wars meant big profits.
More recently, wealthy bankers like Rothschild, Rockefeller & J P Morgan have learned that investing in weaponry companies boosts their profits even more when lending money to warring countries.
These wealthy bankers have also become expert at triggering these wars in the first place, when they then lend to all countries in the war, alongwith providing them with the weaponry they need.
Iraq for example bought heavy weaponry from these bankster-owned weaponry companies alongwith chemical weapons which the banksters knew full-well that they'd be stealing back after they invade Iraq on the pretext that Iraq has chemical & nuclear weapons!

Every war these fraudsters create make them even richer.

The World Bank has been operating since the end of the second world war lending money to poverty-stricken third world countries when the banksters know full-well that they'll soon be moving-in to take-over all that countries land, nationalised industries & infrastructure through the countrys' failure to pay back the loan.
Using this strategy the banksters have taken ownership of very many countries in the world.
Through the many recent invasions of countries on the pretext of these invasions being peacekeeping missions the banksters have increased their empire already, by gigantic proportions.
These invasions are financed by the Rothschild-owned Federal bank of America at no cost at all to the banksters who have unfettered access to the banks' printing presses, and therefore, a limitless money-supply.
The ability to print money limitlessly is a bank robbers dream come true.

Through the banksters huge wealth, they control many governments including the UK, America, Iraq, Australia, France (up-until the recent general election), Greece, Spain, etc.
Those countries not already owned by the cabal are run by puppet-presidents - often unwilling but servantile nonetheless through threats and intimidation, to the cabal.

The creation of Europe as a superstate was the cabals' work too as this takeover of the world has been in progress for many years believed to have been started initially in around 1776 by Adam Weisharp with the founding of the Bavarian illuminati, which joined forces at some stage with the jesuits, the fabian society, freemasonry, the Sicillian mafia, & Skull & Bones (the continuation of the Knights Templars).

All the most horrific secret societies are playing a part in this world-takeover where scarsity of water, scarsity of oil etc have been deliberately created to push-up prices.
It is believed that Britains' MI5 refused to be a part of this and this is why MI6 was created.
All monarchies around the world are also heavily involved in this including the UK's Queen Elizabeth 2 * the entire royal family.

What is Agenda 21?

Agenda 21 is a real plan that is going to chnage the world as we know it. Agenda 21 is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development.

The United States is a signatory country to Agenda 21, but because Agenda 21 is a legally non-binding statement of intent and not a treaty, the United States Senate was not required to hold a formal debate or vote on it. It is therefore not considered to be law under Article Six of the United States Constitution. President George Bush was one of the 178 heads of government who signed the final text of the agreement at the Earth Summit in 1992,[13][14] and in the same year Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Eliot Engel and William Broomfield spoke in support of United States House of Representatives Concurrent Resolution 353, supporting implementation of Agenda 21 in the United States.[15][16]
In the United States, over 528 cities are members of ICLEI, an international sustainability organization that helps to implement the Agenda 21 and Local Agenda 21 concepts across the world. The United States has nearly half of the ICLEI's global membership of 1,200 cities promoting sustainable development at a local level.[9] The United States also has one of the most comprehensively documented Agenda 21 status reports.[17] In response to the opposition, Don Knapp, U.S. spokesman for the ICLEI, has said "Sustainable development is not a top-down conspiracy from the U.N., but a bottom-up push from local governments".[16]
The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry successfully lobbied against an anti-sustainable development bill in 2012, arguing "It would be bad for business" as it could drive away corporations that have embraced sustainable development.

Hiding Rising Costs of Food Interview with Charles Goyette

While government officials state inflation is well under control, families around the nation are still feeling the effects of higher prices at the supermarket. Several essential goods for living have continued to experience rising prices, squeezing family budgets.

For many products, manufacturers are reducing the quantity or quality of their goods to keep prices stable. Bags of sugar that once weighed five pounds now offer just four pounds for the same price. Boxes of cereal have been redesigned to hold less food in a box that appears to be the same size. The situation became pronounced since the global economic crash of 2008.

Charles Goyette is our guest on the show today. He is a well-known commentator, known for his outspoken views on the economy.

Goyette is here to talk to us about rising prices for staples like food, and how they relate to federal policies. We will discuss the causes behind rising prices, and why we don't hear about it in official statements. We will discuss how prices could change over time, as well as identifying who is behind these increases.
Charles Goyette has long been known in Phoenix as "America’s Most Independent Talk Show Host!" With years of hands-on experience as an investment professional, he brings a welcome dimension of foresight and clarity to his political and economic commentary. Goyette has been called on often to share his views with television audiences nationally on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and PBS, including on The O’Reilly Factor, the popular PBS program NOW with Bill Moyers, and as a frequent guest on Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN, repeatedly warning before the current economic turmoil of the "economic calamity the Republicans and Democrats" were creating.  Longtime financial professional Charles Goyette discussed the continued devaluation of the U.S. dollar, and how he sees this crisis unfolding for the average American. Over the years, the dollar has lost 96% of its purchasing power, he said, and the current rise in the price of gold reflects the fall of US currency. America has a staggering amount of debt--$1.3 million for every family; these debts will be accrued in some manner-- typically by fleecing the middle class, he warned.

The U.S. is moving away from being a "free economy" which depends on agreement and produces prosperity, Goyette noted. Instead, we're seeing a movement toward a "command economy, " he said, which produces shortages, and is run by "coercion," with resources, production, and consumption directed by a central command such as boards, commissions, and administrators. What has been taking place in industries such as insurance, automotive, banking, and health care are all examples of the "command economy," he detailed.

While credit card companies are slashing people's credit and forcing them to save, banks aren't offering any incentive for savers with their low return rates, he reported. As the dollar continues to be worth less, Goyette advised people to put some of their investments in gold and silver, and also consider other opportunities such as agricultural and natural resources.

Alex Jones Show: Tuesday (6-3-14) Richie Allen

On the Tuesday, June 3 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, Jones continues examining the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, as the mystery behind how he fell into enemy hands widens. Jones also questions whether Obama committed an impeachable offense by refusing to consult Congress prior to authorizing the trade for five terrorist Guantanamo Bay detainees. On today's show, Infowars reporters David Knight and Paul Joseph Watson give a run down of last week's Bilderberg 2014 conference, where elitist world leaders of all persuasions convened in secrecy to reach consensus on globalist affairs. In the third hour, radio host and head of news at The People's Voice, Richie Allen, joins the program for an expanded discussion on Bilderberg, the European Union, how 9/11 and 7/7 served as his calls to action and the corporate ownership of media.

BREAKING: Allen West Calls For Obama's Impeachment

West – This morning on WMALs “Morning on the Mall” radio show with hosts Brian and Larry I was asked a simple question relating to the Taliban prisoner release and impeachment of the president. I responded yes that in this current case, the U.S. House of Representatives should file articles of impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama.
Now before all the detractors go apoplectic here, let me tell you about Article 2 signing statements, their intent, purpose, history, and usage, and the implications for the president’s impeachment.
President Obama used an Article 2 signing statement to deem unconstitutional a measure HE had signed into law contained in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The law stated that he must advise Congress within 30 days about any plans to transfer detainees from GITMO. Obama basically stated that this was “unconstitutional” and that his unilateral action fell within his purview. Once again Obama used selective discretion as to what law he feels he must adhere to — in this case it has severe ramifications for our national security.
Read More Here


LARRY KING GOES #OFFTHEGRID - PART ONE | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid - Ora TV . This is an Off The Grid first...the Governor turns the tables on the legendary King of Talk, Larry King! In part one of this two-day exclusive, King discloses some bombshell revelations about his years covering the JFK assassination and speaks candidly about the seven U.S. Presidents he's interviewed. His favorite? Find out right here on

WW3 UPDATE - Obama Pledges $1bn Military Build-up In Europe As Ukraine Crisis Deepes

Diplomacy Now? With F-16 backdrop Obama pledges $1bn for military build-up, drills in Eastern Europe : US president Barack Obama is promising $1 billion to boost America's military presence in Eastern Europe. The president says he'll send more troops and equipment to step up the region's security amid the Ukrainian crisis. The announcement came during his visit to Poland. RT is joined by John Rees and Marina Portnaya

US president Barack Obama is promising $1 billion to boost America's military presence in Eastern Europe. The president says he'll send more troops and equipment to step up the region's security amid the Ukrainian crisis. The announcement came during his visit to Poland. RT is joined by John Rees and Marina Portnaya.

Kev Baker Show

Hi there, im Kev Baker and I welcome you to my show right here on Truth Frequency Radio. The Kev Baker show is not just about me however, and I am joined nightly by my two friends and co-hosts, The Whistler himself, Mr John Sinclair, and DJsNorthWest from Youtube, Mr Martin Hardy. Aswell as that there are researchers both behind and sometimes on mic, with the likes of Dulan & NanoGirl being regular guests aswell as diligent researchers behind the scenes. We invite you to join us on our journey down the rabbit hole, seeking the answers to age old questions, and trying to decipher the world that is being painted around us via the main stream media, on behalf of their elitist overlords.

Geopolitics, the police state, government surveillance, institutional pedophilia, police cover ups, false flag operations, international terrorism, space, ancient history, metaphysics, human origins, technology and the transhumanist agenda are some of the topics the guys talk about on a nightly basis.

Add to that the strong line-up of guests that the team are building up. This allows the team to present information to the audience from some of the bigger better known names in alternative media. This all adds up to one of the fastest action packed, non-stop, info-filled hour on radio!

And although a lot of the subjects covered are dark and low vibrational, Team KBS promise to make it and entertaining and sometimes humourous look at these topics.

And remember...


Monetary System Flaws & Systemic Failures: In This Our Corrupt Age

Part I
Part One states that money is the most corrosive societal tradition and explains the monetary system and its policies in the United States through the fractional reserve banking system as illustrated in the book, "Modern Money Mechanics". In clarifying, Part One explains how money creation as an exchange between the government and the central bank (Federal Reserve in the U.S.), creates a perpetual cycle of interest and inflation, summarizing that money and debt are necessarily correlated and increasing.

Part II
Part Two shares an interview with John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, who explains his own role in the facilitatiion of subjugation of Latin American economies by multinational corporations, including the United States government's involvement in the overthrow and installation of various Latin American heads-of-state. Perkins asserts that the there are three steps required to conquer the target nation:
1.Arranging loans that will be impossible to repay,
2.Using the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or World Bank to force the host nation to renegotiate the debt through agreements that result in currency devaluation, resources being made available at a low cost, selling of public services to foreign corporations, support in foreign conflicts, etc. When these steps fail, the second measure taken is to overthrow the government, through assassinations, staged protests, and bribery. The history of Guatemala, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela, and the Shah in Iran, are used as asserted examples of economic subjugation.
3.As a last resort, the military is sent to topple regimes, and Iraq is shown as one of these cases.

Part III
Part Three introduces Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project, and asserts a need to move away from the current socioeconomic paradigms. Fresco states that free market enterprise and capitalism do not promote efficiency, abundance nor human progress, but rather they instead encourage artificial creation of scarcity to maximize profits, encourage suboptimal technological development in order to maintain cyclical consumption, put the interest of people second to monetary gain, and engage in the production of pollution, as well as other forms of environmental degradation to lower operating costs.

Fresco states that capitalism perpetuates the conditions it claims to address, as problems are only solved if there is money to be made and if more money can be made by propagating the problem rather than solving it, the problem will be propagated.
Part IV
Part Four explores the idea that all major social problems are ultimately the result of wide-scale ignorance concerning the two concepts of emergence and symbiosis—an ignorance maintained by the political, monetary, and religious institutions. This fourth part maintains a cosmopolitan attitude, and states that human societies are part of an interdependent universe. It suggests several means of social change, largely via non-violent boycotting and educating, in order to oppose rigid social institutions.

The film concludes in a sequence depicting actors as members of the fast-paced modern world suddenly stopping in their everyday activities and letting go of various symbolic items of corporate, religious, and materialistic significance. The final statement of the film is to boycott the most powerful banks in the Federal Reserve System, the major news networks (CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox, etc.), the military, energy corporations, and the so-called "democratic" political system; and to join, support, and proliferate The Zeitgeist Movement.

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