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Glenn Beck : Scenes From The Border (July 21, 2014)

From the July 21, 2014 edition of "Glenn Beck" on TheBlaze: Scenes From Glenn Beck's trip to the U.S.-Mexico Border over the weekend with Rep Louie Gohmert and Senator Ted Cruz

All The False Flag Events Will Lead To WWIII

When a lie is told enough times it is therefore believed by the sheeple. I hope someday the sleeping will wake up before the house of cards falls down on them. Truly interesting times we are living in...thus far the only actual evidence I've seen has come from the Russia gov. US gov and it's pet the Ukrainian gov just spout bullshit with NOTHING to back it up. You really have to wonder how it is that any of these US clowns still have valid licenses to practice law.

BRICS Vs. IMF - Susanne Posel Interview

 The US Dollar has picked up a couple of mach speeds higher into it's final destruction. The sun is setting on the Anglo-American empire.  These corporations are nothing short of satanic. The roller coaster is taking a pivotal turn among the world power families... what a way to introduce digital currency as the final way of ultimate slavery to the system of antichrist, and world war edges closer to help usher in the man of sin's rule.

A new international bank, centered on the nations of Brazil, Russia, India and China could so rival the International Monetary Fund. However, the plan is delayed as the four BRIC nations discuss where the bank should be headquartered.

The new institution will supply financing to nations, businesses and individuals. The four nations participating in the new financial institution will provide $100 billion in financing to establish the bank.

The International Monetary fund and the World Bank could soon see competition from the new institution.

Susanne Posel is a globally-syndicated journalist, writing on politics and world events. In 2011, she helped to found the group Occupy Corporatism. She is our guest on the show today.

Jay Weidner -- On the Edge of the Precipice of Civilization

Red Ice Radio - Jay Weidner - Hour 1 - On the Edge of the Precipice of Civilization

Jay Weidner is a renowned author, filmmaker and hermetic scholar, considered to be a 'modern-day Indiana Jones' for his ongoing worldwide quests to find clues to mankind's spiritual destiny. He is the director of the popular documentary, Kubrick's Odyssey among several others. Jay was featured in the History Channel's documentary, The Lost Book of Nostradamus and in the History Channel's special, Nostradamus 2012 and also in Brad Meltzer's, Decoded. Jay is the co-author of The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye; Alchemy and the End of Time and A Monument to the End of Time. We'll discuss current politics in America ranging from insane leftists such as Bill Ayers, to communism and neo-cons who push for war. Jay speaks about how we're on the precipice of either a successful revolution or the final throes of the ending of our civilization. Later, Jay talks about how liberals do not see the bigger picture, only what makes them feel good in the moment. In the member's hour, we'll discuss the Hollywood propaganda machine and getting the alternative going. Jay ties in the Brotherhood of Saturn, which includes cultural Marxists who seek to "transform humanity into slaves for the gods." Also, Jay gives his analysis of Leonard Cohen's album The Future. Later, he discusses the wisdomification of the planet.

Agenda 21 Update: Big Brother issues 'Air Quality Alert' for Chicago Area

Architects and data scientists in Chicago are looking to light up the city this summer with a new form of civic infrastructure -- aesthetically pleasing, highly visible boxes mounted onto street lights that are designed to monitor environmental conditions in the city.

Before conspiracy theorists' alarm bells start ringing, note that this is not your typical anti-social surveillance effort, reports the Chicago Tribune. Each box contains about a dozen sensors that will measure air quality, temperature, humidity, noise, light, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels, and all of this data will be made publicly available so it can be used by researchers and application developers.

This has the potential to be a game-changing project. The Array of Things, as it's been called by Chicago's Urban Center for Computation and Data, is the first effort by a major U.S. city to keep such close tabs on its environment. Currently most cities collect data on service-related inputs such as inspections and permit applications, but accurate information about a city's well-being is harder to come by. Now, this data will be made available in real-time. For example, residents can have first-hand information about pollution levels in each neighborhood.

The data collection boxes, about 50 of which will be installed throughout the city, also contain sensors that measure pedestrian density. The boxes are designed to be fitted with additional sensors as new technology is developed.

There are myriad potential applications sensor data. For example, an app could can warn drivers of ice on the road as they approach a certain area or alert hay fever sufferers or high pollen levels. Tourists could find well-beaten walking routes annotated with tour-guide commentary.

Charlie Catlett, Director of the Urban Center and a senior computer scientist at Argonne National Labs and the University of Chicago, says privacy protection is one of the priorities of the Array of Things. The boxes won't have cameras and all data will immediately be made public so that watchdogs can raise the alarm if they spot any intrusive data collection going on. "Part of the goal is to make these things essentially a public utility," he said.

Chicago is already well on its way to becoming a leader in Big Data analytics, having run several previous projects that include crime prediction. The goal is to make predictions that allow the city to better allocate resources. Too much traffic? Simply adjust traffic light timing. Is air pollution becoming a problem? The city hopes to spot potential pollutant sources earlier.

Big Data isn't the answer to all of Chicago's problems. Sensors are unlikely to reduce gun crime, for example, but they can enable law enforcement officials to spot crime patterns earlier before a neighborhood enters a downward spiral.

ISIS Using Bitcoin to Finance Terrorism?

Today is Tuesday, July 8th, 2014, and Rupert Murdoch's UK-based 'Sky News' reports "Global Jihad 'Could Be Funded With Bitcoin'". Well guys, you know what that means -- we must ban Bitcoin! And yes, I successfully suppressed my laughter.

The article details, "A new blog associated with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has said that bitcoin could 'enable jihad on a large scale' by sending 'millions of dollars' to fighters." "[S]uch donations," the article explains, "would be 'untraceable' by Western governments."

A curious prospect and incentive this is for ISIS, given the pseudonymity of virtual currency contrasted with the anonymity of physical cash. The means, whether Bitcoin, the USD, or otherwise, do not alter or abolish the ends -- in this case: terrorism. In other words, Bitcoin isn't the only money, or even commodity, with which violence is funded. War (mass-murder), for example, is waged with dollars and fought for resources and territory...only to emotionally eviscerate and socially scar its survivors.  

Now, the U.S. government doesn't fear Bitcoin per se; if the State did have its contentions, after all, the President could outlaw the cryptocurrency with a single stroke of his executive pen...sans checks and balances, of course. This is something bigger than Bitcoin. The U.S. government is fearful of its unsteady footing in the ongoing, yet unofficial, War on Petrol.

Kuwait, which is actively funding ISIS, is now considering trading oil not for centralized Federal Reserve Notes, but for decentralized bitcoins. Likewise, in an indirect attempt to demonize Kuwait, neocons are so bluntly equating Bitcoin to terrorism; its users to as to avert the further devaluing of the US's inflationary, debt-based fiat currency.

Why bother reasoning logically, asking questions, and then processing new information, though? That's overrated! Supposed 'pundits' of the psychopathic, state-run media would agree and propose a truly ingenious, catch-all strategy for 'peacefully' disbanding ISIS: "My resolution? Airstrikes! Bomb them! Bomb them! Keep bombing them! Bomb them again and again."

So, what are your thoughts? Is the mainstream media juxtaposing Bitcoin with terrorism, failing to identify the actual dichotomy? Or maybe the State seeks to simply secure the USD's standing in Kuwait, catalyzing globalization and expanding its political sphere of power.

Open your eyes, for truth is the universal elixir to blindness…

Andrew Demeter, TeenTake, Iraq and Syria.

The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Monday July 21 2014: Glenn Spencer, Syrian Girl

On the Monday, July 21 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the mounting tensions accelerating the globalist agenda throughout the world, as western media continues to blame Russia for a downed Malaysian airliner, despite a highly-respected establishment journalist receiving credible word that Ukrainian troops shot down the plane. And in the Gaza strip, where Israeli rockets have bombarded the relatively tiny patch of land killing more than 500 Palestinians. On today's show, Alex welcomes the president of the non-profit organization American Border, Glenn Spencer, Jr., to discuss satellite images purporting to show gaping holes in U.S. border fences where fencing never went up. Jones also invites geopolitical analyst and Syrian activist Mimi Al-Laham, AKA Syrian Girl, to talk about how ISIS is reshaping the Middle East, and how the west uses the terror group to divide and conquer nations, bringing about order out of chaos. Jones also covers other major breaking news items and takes your calls on this worldwide transmission.

Peter Schiff: The Fed Will Sacrifice The Dollar To Save The Market

Air Date: July 21st, 2014
Coming Collapse Becoming More Evident to Investors

Peter Schiff is a well-known commentator appearing regularly on CNBC, TechTicker and FoxNews. He is often referred to as "Doctor Doom" because of his bearish outlook on the economy and the U.S. Dollar in particular. Peter was one of the first from within the professional investment field to call the housing market a bubble. Peter has written a book called "Crash Proof" and a follow-on called "The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets". He is the President of EuroPacific Capital, which is a brokerage specializing in finding dividend-yielding, value-based foreign stocks.

Global Economy on Life Support - Time to jump ship !

Why This Economic Emergency Will Cause RIOTS & CIVIL UNREST!

 The world is surrounded in disaster both man-made and natural. In The Money GPS, I cover that which is man-made even though it claims to be the work of the "free market". Growing inequality has prevailed and continues to expand as the elite MAGNIFY their earnings and the middle class VANISH from the statistics.

Stock markets hitting new highs mean nothing if there is no real economy. The fairy tale is over.
 "the U.S. economy has been on life support, graciously provided by Central Planners. However hard they try, they will soon realize that no amount of money printing can cleanse the rot of the U.S. economy."
the problem since the global financial and economic crisis has exacerbated massive. "In the first three years of crisis, inequality increased more than in the twelve years before,
Marc Faber is sounding warning bell
By creating their own multilateral financial institutions, the BRICS emerging-market powers are shaking up global economic governance but remain far from dismantling the post-war system dominated by the West.
the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have been the pillars of the world's economic system

The Truth About Immigration: What They Won't Tell You! -- Stefan Molyneux

The Immigration Crisis in the United States has recently exploded into the headlines. But how did this all happen? What is the truth about the immigration crisis? What won't the mainstream media tell you?

Do you know the incredible reason that borders were closed in the first place? Do you know the powerful influences which have shaped and formed the nature of immigration law and policy? How did the Civil Rights act impact this situation?

Republicans and Democrats have clashed with fiercely different perspectives on this issue which has divided an entire nation. Learn about the origin of this debate, why it is so contested and what hangs in the balance for the future.

BUSTED! Rebel Communitaction Claiming Credit for Downing MH17 is FAKE!

Sound and speech analyst Nikolay Popov dissects the MH17 'smoking gun' and says the phone-call intercept Kiev alleges are proof militia downed MH17 is fake.

The Russian Defense Ministry holds a press conference on the details of MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine. Defense Ministry reports that on the day of the catastrophe, a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet gaining height towards the Boeing 777. Calling for Kiev to explain why the fighter jet was tracking the airplane.

MH17 Crash Raises Risk of War Between Russia and the West

Stephen Cohen: Downed Malaysian Plane Raises Risk of War Between Russia and the West

A Malaysia Airlines flight carrying 298 people has exploded and crashed in eastern Ukraine, killing everyone on board. U.S. and Ukrainian officials say the Boeing 777 was shot down by a Russian-made surface-to-air missile, but it is unclear who fired the missile. The plane was traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lampur with passengers from at least 10 countries on board, including 173 Dutch nationals, 44 Malaysians and 27 Australians. As many as 100 of the world's leading AIDS researchers and advocates were reportedly on the plane en route to a conference in Australia, including the pioneering researcher and former president of the International AIDS Society, Joep Lange. Both sides in Ukraine's conflict are blaming each other for downing the plane. We speak with professor Stephen Cohen on what this incident could mean for the region. His most article for The Nation magazine is "The Silence of American Hawks About Kiev's Atrocities."

Whistleblower : Ukrainian Troops Shot Down MH17

Award winning former Associated Press reporter Robert Parry has been told by an intelligence source that the United States is in possession of satellite imagery which shows that Ukrainian troops were responsible for the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.

Ukraine -- Occult connections and the possible match for WW3

There's Something WEIRD About Ukraine! (2014) Occult connections and the possible match for WW3. Let's explore. There's something WEIRD happening in Ukraine! (2014) .they just don't hide anything anymore do they? I mean they kind of can't because they know the cat is out of the bag (that we know they exist).

Time to Abolish the IRS Now!

It's Time to Abolish the IRS Now! On today's podcast, Jerry and Jennifer explore the ongoing IRS scandal and explain why its time to abolish the IRS now and replace it with a national sales tax system.

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