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Ebola Medical Martial Law

Merely the suspicion of a limited Ebola outbreak in the United States would give the green light for federal authorities to seize draconian powers and detain Americans not even infected with the Ebola virus.

Gerald Celente - Trends - Wars, Wars and Money.

Gerald Celente - Trends - Wars, Wars and Money.War is not cheap ;Mike Swanson - Gold and Equity Markets.

Gerald Celente is One of the best-known futurists in the country is Gerald Celente. He is the founder of the Trends Research Institute. He is also the best-selling author of Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking. He has appeared on several of the largest media outlets in the world, offering his predictions for the future. His forecasts have often proved to be highly accurate.

 Gerald Celente
The Trends Research Institute The Martial Artist of Trend Forecasting —The purpose of trend forecasting is to provide insights and directions in anticipation of what the future may bring – and to be prepared for the unexpected.
Gerald Celente, a Close Combat practitioner and black belt trainer, well understands the importance of proacting rather than reacting: "The first rule of Close Combat is to attack the attacker. Action is faster than reaction. The same holds true for the future. You know the future is coming … attack it before it attacks you."

Founder of The Trends Research Institute in 1980, Gerald Celente is a pioneer trend strategist. He is author of the national bestseller Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking (Warner Books) – "Far better than Megatrends," and publisher of the internationally circulated Trends Journal newsletter.
Political Atheist — Gerald Celente is a political atheist. Unencumbered by political dogma, rigid ideology or conventional wisdom, Celente, whose motto is "think for yourself," observes and analyzes the current events forming future trends for what they are – not for the way he wants them to be.

Current Economic Collapse News Brief

In this news brief we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. We look to see if things are really that different. The central bank will not stop at just confiscating your wealth they will want your life. They want to enslave the people.

The Government has no Business in my Business

Stopping at a Roadside Fruit Stand, Lovely Daughter, With Some Nice Melons! Need a good laugh? This one should do If funny and it's all true!

Welcome to The Hardest Prison in Norway

This is how all prisons should be. people go to prison to learn how to be a part of the society, not become worse than what they were when they got in. in america people rape, torture, beat and kill other inmates, then they get released back to society. is that really the kind of people we want on the streets?
the US system is a business. Here, we are locked in "prison does you good" but things are changing - forced more by money, than benevolence - and let's hope they get it right! Kids do wrong, and we teach them a better way - grown-ups are little different. Of course, for some, there's no other way.

A fascinating look into the modern "Progression Jail" which focus on rehabilitation instead of "keeping people in a box" as one guy in the clip comments. I guess this isn't suitable for everyone, but for those are able to grab a new chance at a normal life - it surely beats being locked up in a cell all day.

Karl Denninger on Fraud and Regulation

Libertarian blogger Karl Denninger talks about the failure of the government and regulators to reign in the excesses of the financial sector. He also looks at the similarities between Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party. Take a look.

STOCK MARKET CRASH - US Stocks Plunge, Wiping Out July's Gains

An upcoming surveillance hub monitoring all investment transactions in real-time will allow the National Security Agency unparalleled ability to manipulate the stock market. Through the use of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)’s latest database, which keeps investor data in the same centralized location, the NSA could easily capture private, financial data on targeted investors and even influence the stock market as a whole.

And it appears that the dragnet database, called the Comprehensive Automated Risk Data System (CARDS), was designed with such vulnerabilities in mind.

Three Signs That Point to a Stock-Market Tumble Ahead
Indicators That Preceded Past Downturns Are Flashing Now
Over the past 45 years, the stock market has lost more than 20% each time three warning signs flashed simultaneously.

After a selloff this past week dragged the Dow Jones Industrial Average into negative territory for the year, it's worth noting that all three are flashing today.

The signals are excessive levels of bullish enthusiasm; significant overvaluation, based on measures like price/earnings ratios; and extreme divergences in the performances of different market sectors.

They have gone off in unison six times since 1970, according to Hayes Martin, president of Market Extremes, an investment consulting firm in New York whose research focus is major market turning points.

The S&P 500's average subsequent decline on those earlier occasions was 38%, with the smallest drop at 22%. A bear market is considered a selloff of at least 20%, with bull markets defined as rallies of at least 20%.

A rise in Google searches for terms relating to business and politics can predict a future stock market crash, researchers have claimed.
Google before subsequent stock market falls. the stock market sitting near all time highs, one can’t help but wonder what will happen when investors realize the economy isn’t really doing as well as we’ve been told by the experts.

Why has Goldman Sachs chosen this moment to publicly declare that stocks are overpriced? Why has Goldman Sachs suddenly decided to warn all of us that the stock market could decline by 10 percent or more in the coming months? Goldman Sachs has to know that when they release a report like this that it will move the market.
One of the men that won the Nobel Prize for economics this year says that “bubbles look like this” and that he is “most worried about the boom in the U.S. stock market.” But you don’t have to be a Nobel Prize winner to see what is happening.

It should be glaringly apparent to anyone with half a brain. The financial markets have been soaring while the overall economy has been stagnating. Reckless injections of liquidity into the financial system by the Federal Reserve have pumped up stock prices to ridiculous extremes, and people are becoming concerned. In fact, Google searches for the term “stock bubble” are now at the highest level that we have seen since November 2007. mainstream media and the Federal Reserve that everything is just fine, many Americans are beginning to realize that we have seen this movie before. We saw it during the dotcom bubble, and we saw it during the lead up to the horrible financial crisis of 2008. So precisely when will the bubble burst this time? Nobody knows for sure, but without a doubt this irrational financial bubble will burst at some point. Remember, a bubble is always the biggest right before it bursts, and the following are 15 signs that we are near the peak of an absolutely massive stock market bubble… geopolitics geopolitical

David Icke: The Only Thing You Really Need To Know is...

David Icke: The Only Thing You Really Need To Know is... Infinite Love is the only Truth,everything else is illusion.

David Icke is one of the most visible outspoken and controversial speakers and writers about the Illuminati and the New World Order control agenda
Some David Icke Quotes :
A gift of truth is the gift of love.
David Icke

And why do we, who say we oppose tyranny and demand freedom of speech, allow people to go to prison and be vilified, and magazines to be closed down on the spot, for suggesting another version of history.
David Icke
David Icke

Have you ever wondered what your subconscious mind looks like? Well today, I can show you.
David Icke

I am a channel for the Christ spirit. The title was given to me very recently by the Godhead.
David Icke

I believe that the human race has developed a form of collective schizophrenia in which we are not only the slaves to this imposed thought behavior, but we are also the police force of it.
David Icke

I couldn't walk down any street in Britain without being laughed at. It was a nightmare. My children were devastated because their dad was a figure of ridicule.
David Icke

I know that you are part of me and I am part of you because we are all aspects of the same infinite consciousness that we call God and Creation.
David Icke

In the Atlantean period there were many energies being used and information and knowledge being used which were, for particular reasons of safety, withdrawn, shall we say, to prevent complete catastrophe, to prevent total destruction of your planet.
David Icke

Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion.
David Icke

One of my very greatest fears as a child was being ridiculed in public. And there it was coming true. As a television presenter, I'd been respected. People come up to you in the street and shake your hand and talk to you in a respectful way.
David Icke

So reports of my madness, as they say, were greatly exaggerated. Not that I give a bugger either way.
David Icke

The best way of removing negativity is to laugh and be joyous.
David Icke

The Earth needs rebels!
David Icke
David Icke
David Icke

The reason most people don't express their individuality and actually deny it, is not fear of what prime ministers think of us or the head of the federal reserve, It's what their families and their friends down at the bar are going to think of them.
David Icke

Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held its ground.
David Icke

The RAND Corporation & Mind Control Techniques -- Deborah Tavares

The RAND Corporation he is a top secret think tank that has been pulling the strings of American government for at least 60 years , Deborah Tavares exposes this plot driven by mad scientists, behaviorists, and generals who were intent on starting world war three and fleecing the American people in the process.

Technology and the Demise of America
Deborah Tavares with Jeff Rense, August 1, 2014.A Predatory Government that is taking away the very soul of the people is what we now have. Incorporated... USA INC... unrepresentative what we really have and not a Government by the people. In this interview by Deborah Tavares she outlines our "Government" as grabbing more control but having less accountability. To object to this is Patriotic and she points out many of the problems and solutions.
Deborah Tavares explores some of the ways depopulation may occur and everyday things we are exposed to may be used as weapons against the people. If Depopulation is the objective these may be the tools to do just that.

The Top 2 Reasons Why You Will See Civil Unrest & Riots!

Civil unrest and riots have occurred in practically every country around the world and will continue to spread. There is no stopping what has been designed and contrived by the elite. As food and energy prices rise, there comes a breaking point at which low income individuals are no longer able to afford their basic necessities. Herein lies the problem. Brace yourself for the result.

Average Price of Electricity Climbs to All-Time Record CME live cattle hit new high with cash, beef prices High Ontario power rates blamed for deterring investment Australian electricity prices amongst the highest in the world Global riot epidemic due to demise of cheap fossil fuels The recent cases illustrate not just an explicit link between civil unrest and an increasingly volatile global food system

World Health Organisation Warning : Ebola is out of Control

The World Health Organisation has warned that failing to stop West Africa's Ebola outbreak, which has killed more than 700 people since February, could have catastrophic consequences. WHO chief, Margaret Chan, launched a $100 million dollar response plan to combat the epidemic at a summit with West African leaders. The meeting came after fears the deadly disease was spreading faster than efforts to contain it. Al Jazeera's Gerald Tan reports.

Obama Phone Lady becomes Infowars Phone Lady

Obama phone lady became Infowars phone lady. 1:02 : a big phablet, samsung galaxy mega (6.3"), bigger than the galaxy note 3 (5.7"), but not as big as sony xperia z ultra (6.44"); compare to ipad mini 7.9".
Alex shows genuine kindness from his heart by showing us the TRUTH the best he can. Obama despises America. And, Obama is shafting our great nation with DECEPTION.

BREAKING: Plane Carrying EBOLA Patient Arrives in GA, escorted to hospital

American doctor with Ebola virus landed in U.S.
Plane carrying Ebola patient lands at Dobbins AFB
The plane carrying Dr. Kent Brantly, one of the patients infected with the Ebola virus has landed at Dobbins Air Force Base.
The plane landed about 11 a.m.

Brantly will be transported to Emory University Hospital and placed in an isolated room for treatment.

CBS46 has crews at the Air Force base and the hospital and will continue to bring you updates on

Miko Peled An honest Israeli tells the Real Truth about Israel

Miko Peled was born in Jersusalem into a famous and influential Israeli Zionist family. His father was a famous General in the Israeli Army, of which Miko also served his time. When Miko's niece was killed by Palestinian suicide bombers, you may have expected the family to put Palestinians at fault, but surprisingly they blamed the state of Israel, and their violent torturing and persecution for driving people to such sadness that they would take their own lives.

Through his father's deep knowledge of the Israeli war of terror, together with his own research, Miko Peled ruins the myths surrounding the Israel and Palestine situation, and delivers a truth so damning that many Jews and Israel supporters will not be able to bear it. He reveals facts such as the original expelled Jews are not the ones returning, and they are not their descendants either, covers the double standards regarding the right of return, which doesn't apply to Palestinians, and dispels the myth that there has been a conflict for ages by producing proof that it was peaceful up until 1947 when Israel launched their illegal attacks.

Miko is just one of the many modern day Jews against Zionism and the state of Israel, and with the information he delivers in this astounding talk, it is not difficult to see why more and more Jews are rejecting Zionism and calling for the dismantling of Israel. It is a true eye-opener for anyone who has for too long been blinded by the fake misinformation given by the mainstream media, and the truths come straight from the heartland where he has spent many years documenting the real story.

Bible Prophecy -- The War, The Wall, The Wilderness

In this Viewpoint Segment I am joined with Special guest Jason Armstrong of "Remnant Fire" Ministries in which we discuss an amazing Pattern regarding Israel and even America indicating future War and Captivity. We will show you patterns from Past to Present and make them Practical and Relevant to Bible Prophecy.

Illegal Immigrants trying to escape Britain caught and brought back

28 illegal immigrants deported back to UK (02Aug14): 28 illegal immigrants tried to LEAVE the UK, but were stopped by the french border patrol, and deported back to the UK. Things that great in David Cameron's utopia UK?!

The Gaza Bombardment - What You're Not Being Told

Gaza death toll - 1000 civilians. Israel death toll - 3 civilians, 55 SOLDIERS. Israel openly bombs U.N SHELTERS. U.N told Israel of these locations MONTHS IN ADVANCE. U.N calling it war crime, describing the bombing of schools as disgraceful, with no justification.

A Honest Israeli Soldier Speaks Out against War Crimes

Warning graphic:Israeli Soldier Speaks Out against War Crimes

Warning very graphic video of innocent civilians and children targeted, injured, and killed by Israeli army. Good hearted human beings such as the former Captain of the Israeli army are coming out and speaking the truth.

It's very sad to see such horrific crimes being perpetuated today, God willing more good hearted people of conscious will come out and start to speak out against this evil.


Did you know that history shows that Muslims were always kind and welcoming towards the Jewish people.

Here is just one of the many examples below:

"As Muslims we welcomed them all. We welcomed them with bread, salt, and our hearts."

We hear many accounts of what happened during the Holocaust. The atrocities committed; the times and places in which unspeakable acts against humankind occurred; the millions of lives stolen too soon.

But the story told above by Nazlie Alla, whose Albanian Muslim family sheltered Jews from Greece, Slovakia, and Germany, is less well known.

It's hard to imagine that in any European country there were more Jews at the end of World War II than before it began. But almost every single Jew in Albania, whether they were Albanians or refugees from other nations, survived during the German occupation.

And Albania was the only European country to have a Muslim majority.

The Jews were protected, through the raids and searches and the times in between, by Albanians who followed the national code of Besa: a code of honor, the deepest promise a person can give, and the word that is never broken. Under Besa, Albanians took Jews into their homes, treated them as family, fed and clothed them, and sacrificed their own safety and the safety of their families for the sake of their guests.

Norman Gershman, a photographer and historian who traveled throughout Albania documenting the accounts of Muslim families who protected Jews, put out a book entitled Besa: Muslims who Saved Jews in World War II. He recalled that "What Besa says is that if some one knocks on your door you have an absolute obligation -- no matter who that person is -- to save their lives."

Albania at the time had around 800,000 citizens, only about 200 of whom were Jewish -- though over 2,000 refugee Jews from Greece, Austria and Italy were taken in to the homes of Albanians as well. And it wasn't just Muslims making sacrifices -- the entire population, approximately 70% Bektashi Muslim, 20% Orthodox Christians and 10% Catholic -- risked their lives to save Jewish strangers.

The stories of righteous Muslims in Gershman's book reveal that they understood Besa as an expression of the Qur'anic teachings of mercy, hospitality, and protecting the weak. Kujtim Civeja, a member of a traditional Muslim family of scholars, said "Our father wrote that when he had the opportunity and privilege to shelter so many Jewish families it gave him joy to put into practice his Islamic faith. To be generous is a virtue."

Hamdi Mece explained "We never took money from those we sheltered. We took them in under our Besa. We are true Muslims, and God granted us the privilege of saving Jews. All life is precious and given by God. To save a life is God's gift."

Each portrait of a righteous person in this book is moving. But one in particular -- Sadik Kalaja, who was twelve years old when his family sheltered a Yugoslav Jewish couple, allowing them to light Sabbath candles in their home -- struck me.

He said "My father gave us an order: If there is a knock on the door, take responsibility."

It's an ethic of the Qur'an, it's an ethic of Albanian national tradition and it should be an ethic of the 21st century. Written by Eboo Patel

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Max Keiser -- AMERICA is on the BRINK of COLLAPSE!

Is it a bubble or mania destined for collapse? Or can it beat the odds and become a viable alternative to the dollar?

That's what many are wondering about Bitcoin, the electronic currency which has captured the Internet world's imagination. Many observers have dismissed the e-currency as a passing fad -- a flash in the pan destined to suffer the same fate as break dancing and Beanie Babies. This conclusion is far too simplistic, however. Due to the complexities of the new currency the Bitcoin issue demands a deeper analysis.

Max keiser Alex Jones Dollar Collapse Economic Outlook Parliament 2014 investigation report investment mortgage financial news cibc protection stock exchange online gold trading mine silver funds account bank how to "investment fund"s bonds savings commodities hedge investment money economy trends war currency trade ww3 world evil rights liberty freedom government obey jobs collapse money cash debt credit euro fail globalist international "CapitalMonitor" japan Market Gerald Celente

Looking beyond the rhetoric yields a complex series of possibilities for Bitcoin's future. Let's start with the most glaring observation, namely the e-currency's lofty valuation. At its current level, Bitcoin is unquestionably too pricey to be considered as a legitimate alternative to the dollar. The average American quite simply can't afford to own Bitcoins, and few are technologically savvy enough to "mine" them. This is one major obstacle standing in the way of Bitcoin's widespread acceptance.

Bitcoin's ride to stratospheric levels over the past year is reminiscent of the speculative bubble in the gold market -- a bubble which eventually imploded and scared away multitudes of investors. Runaway speculation caused its price to soar from $140 to $266 in only four days in April 2013, only to erase most of those gains a few days later. In October and November Bitcoin's value went parabolic, far exceeding the April run-up. This in turn was followed by a sharp decline in December, followed by another recovery rally (see chart below). Most recently one Bitcoin was quoted as being worth $842.

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